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In the last newsletter we learned that melatonin is not produced solely by the pineal gland, as previously thought. Research
There may be some confusion over the difference between whey protein isolate and concentrate. In a nutshell, isolate contains more
Antiviral Herbs
Viruses are stealthy and can be very dangerous. But you can fight back. Here are some suggestions.
With the recent devastating, catastrophic wildfires impacting Lane county communities, many local residents have become concerned with putting together Go-bags"
During the winter months when days are markedly shorter and temperatures drop below comfort level, many people may feel sad
Early 20th century scientists theorized that chlorophyll is the natural blood-building element for all plant-eaters and humans, and has the
Evergreen Nutrition offers a variety of medicinal mushrooms including several organically grown in Washington by Fungi Perfecti/Host Defense.
There are many nutrients which can aid in bringing blood sugar into balance and improving glucose utilization. 
“A house full, a hole full! And you cannot gather a bowl-full!”In spite of Squirrel Nutkin's riddle, the bowl of
If allergies are preventing you from enjoying the great outdoors to its fullest, give these products a try and step
Cat sleeping
Arguably the most popular and well-known supplement for sleep aside from the herb valerian, the hormone melatonin has been extensively
Let "nature's moisturizer," hyaluronic acid, help you enjoy radiant health and vitality and move with grace.
Megafood FoodState® supplements are as close to food as a supplement can be since they are made from complex, phytonutrient-rich
Curcumin, a component of turmeric (Curcuma longa), has an amazing array of health benefits
A wide variety of options exists nowadays for consumers wishing to supplement with protein powders. 
This month we will tell you about some of Nature's best antivirals. Some do double-duty, fighting both bacterial and viral
Most people have heard that an overabundance of omega-6 fats is detrimental to health, promoting inflammation. The exception to this
Although there is officially no treatment or prevention of coronovirus, you can take measures to minimize your chances of getting
Many people are looking for safe and natural answers for their seasonal allergies.
Probiotics can be helpful for a variety of ailments from PMS to thrush to colic and can be especially helpful
As if pollinating crops weren’t enough, we may thank bees as well for their hive gifts of raw honey, pollen
It is very important that people prescribed drugs have an understanding that nutrient depletions often come with their drug, and
Bee pollination contributes to 80% of plant species worldwide; 30% of our food is directly pollinated by bees and 70%
Essential oils have been used for healing for centuries. It is thought that Arab physician Avicenna in the 10th century