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Masks Off! Help for
Masks Off! Help for "Maskne" Chafing. Rashes. Pimples in sensitive areas. No, this is not your posterior after your first
Beets Seriously Good
Beets: Seriously Good For You “The beet is the most intense of vegetables. The radish, admittedly, is more feverish, but
Reishi Potent Spirit Mushroom
Reishi: The Potent Spirit Mushroom Ten-thousand-year mushroom, mushroom of spiritual potency, mushroom of immortality. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), reishi
Xylitol Good Health
This edition of our newsletter will focus on the “Xylitol Experts,” Xlear. Popular xylitol-based products from Xlear (pronounced “clear”) include
Vitanica Women's Health
Vitanica: The Women's Health Company That's Not Just For Women We would like to devote this newsletter to Vitanica, one
Heart Health
Take Heart, Part 2: Diet & Heart Health In our previous newsletter on heart health we discussed beneficial supplements for
Heart Health
Take Heart, Part 1: 4 Supplements for Heart Health Heart health is of the utmost importance since cardiovascular disease has
You Have 3 Brains! Gut-Heart-Brain Modern research has shown that the microbiome, the vast network of microorganisms cohabiting our bodies,
Powerful & Versatile Bioflavonoids
Powerful & Versatile Bioflavonoids ~ More Than Just Antioxidants In this newsletter we will explore the world of bioflavonoids, the
Certified for Conscientious Consumers
B Corp & Other Certifications: A Guide for Conscientious Consumers Most conscientious consumers are familiar with products that are certified
Holistic Allergy Care
Holistic Tips for Allergy Support May flowers (Mayflowers) do not bring just pilgrims, unfortunately. In the Willamette Valley, May is
Antioxidant Free-Radical Fighters
Antioxidants, Part 3 ~ 3 More Awesome Antioxidants In this last installment of the series on awesome antioxidants we will
Antioxidant Free-Radical Fighters
Antioxidants, Part 2 ~ 3 Awesome Antioxidants In Part 1 of this series on awesome antioxidants we looked at exogenous
Antioxidant Free-Radical Fighters
Antioxidants, Part 1 ~ 4 Awesome Antioxidants In the first of a three-part series on antioxidants, we will look at
Red Marine Algae
The Amazing Antiviral Health Benefits of Red Marine Algae Unfortunately, humans (as well as animals) are natural hosts for viruses
Maca Phenotypes
Symphony Maca: 8 Reasons to Love It We'd like to introduce you to Symphony Natural Health and their unique line
What's Behind Your Smile?
Not Just a Pretty Smile: Natural Oral Health Solutions & Tools For You The effects of poor oral health go
Easy & Gentle Detox
Easy Does It! Detoxification as a term may be defined as efficient removal of toxins. This process may be simple
Melatonin for Sleep/Insomnia
Versatile Melatonin: Not Just for Sleep Anymore! In Part 1 of this newsletter we learned that melatonin is not produced
Whey Protein
There may be some confusion over the difference between whey protein isolate and concentrate. In a nutshell, isolate contains more
Antiviral Herbs
Viruses are stealthy and can be very dangerous. But you can fight back. Here are some suggestions.
With the recent devastating, catastrophic wildfires impacting Lane county communities, many local residents have become concerned with putting together Go-bags"
During the winter months when days are markedly shorter and temperatures drop below comfort level, many people may feel sad
Early 20th century scientists theorized that chlorophyll is the natural blood-building element for all plant-eaters and humans, and has the