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Herbal Medicines From A to Z Quiz


You passed! You are quite the brainy herb-geek! Now go check out our blog if you want to learn even more!


Aww…you didn’t pass this time, but guess what? That means you can go learn more about our favorite subject on the blog!

#1. I am often in creams and gels because I help with muscle and joint aches. I start with A.

Sorry, the answer was Arnica!

#2. I am a great way to lower inflammation and especially pain in the body. I start with B.

Close! I am Boswelia.

#3. Constipated? I can help with that. 🙂 I start with C.

Sorry, wrong answer. I am Cascara Sagrada.

#4. Not only am I a gentle diuretic, but I also can help support the liver. I start with D.

Sorry, the answer is Dandelion. 🙂

#5. Need a super immune boost? That's me! I start with an E. *Hint: There are two of us. 😉

Not this time- the answers are Elderberry and Echinacea. But now you know!

#6. I can assist with calcium absorption, can help soothe a sore throat when made into a tea, and can help increast breast milk production. I start with F.

All of these herbs are great, but the right answer was Fenugreek.