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What Do You Know About Antiviral Herbs Quiz


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#1. Which of these popular herbs used in Italian food is antiviral, according to scientific studies (select all that apply)?

Select all that apply:

The correct answer is all of the above!

#2. If you've come down with a virus and also are having trouble sleeping, this herb is for you.

The correct answer is Lemon Balm.

#3. This antiviral herb is great for the digestive system, has warming properties, helps with menstrual cramps, and also tastes great in asian food.

The correct answer is ginger!

#4. Which one of these antiviral herbs also has cooling properties?

The correct answer is peppermint!

#5. This herb is not only antiviral, but also can help with energy.

The correct answer is ginseng!

#6. Two of these herbs that used to be used to flavor candy are also antiviral, good for your teeth, and supports your stomach. Which ones?

Select all that apply:

The correct answers are licorice root and peppermint!