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Test Your Herbal Knowledge Quiz


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#1. Which of the following plants is NOT a medicinal herb?

The correct answer is the Fiddle Leaf Fig!

#2. True or False: Chamomile is a flowering herb that is used for energy and sports performance.

The correct answer is False.

#3. Who am I? I am a stinky herb that grows underground and has many uses, but two of the biggies are heart health and anti-viral.

The correct answer is Garlic.

#4. Which of the following herbs has been shown to increase energy and alertness (select all that apply)?

Select all that apply:

The correct answers are Guarana and Yerba Mate.

#5. Clove oil has been used for ____________ for hundreds of years.

The correct answer is dental care.

#6. Which one of these purrty plants is in the mint family(select all that apply)?

The correct answers are Catnip & Rosemary.