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How Well Do You Know Your Homeopathics Quiz


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#1. This homeopathic preparation comes from a deadly nightshade. It translates to "beautiful woman" in italian, and is also the title of a Stevie Nicks album.

The correct answer is Belladonna!

#2. This homeopathic preparation is great for nausea and hangovers.

The correct answer is Nux vomica!

#3. This homeopathic preparation is made from wild hops. It is used for constipation stomach pain, headache, dry mouth, joint pain, back pain and cough. It also could be the sister of an actress who starred in "The Fantastic Four" and "Good Luck Chuck".

The correct answer is Bryonia Alba!

#4. Three of the preparations below are helpful for colds. Which ones?

Select all that apply:

The correct answers are Arsenicum album, Eupatorium perfoliatum, and Hepar Sulphur!

#5. Which one of the following statements about homeopathic preparation types is false?

The correct answer is that homeopathic creams and gels are usually a very high potency.