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Who We Are

Our Mission

At Evergreen Nutrition, our goals are to offer optimum options for healthy living with a variety of high-quality, natural products at affordable prices, and to serve our customers with efficiency, knowledge and compassion. In addition, we believe that an informed customer makes the best decisions, so we offer objective information to help our customers improve their physical and mental well-being.


Our Core Values



Our Core Staff

  • Image Terri Williams, B.Sc., C.C.N.

    Terri Williams, B.Sc., C.C.N.

    Terri has been certified as a clinical nutritionist for 20 years. Her
    certification comes through the International and American Association
    of Clinical Nutritionists.

  • Image Craig Williams

    Craig Williams

    Craig is a 26-year veteran of the Evergreen staff and most of you have
    probably never seen him. As chief bean counter and all around good guy
    he tends to hang out in the back a lot.

  • Image Tony Towne

    Tony Towne

    I grew up in Creswell with a love of the woods, sports and books. I went
    to Lane Community College and on to Oregon State earning a degree in
    forest management.

  • Image Paula Lee

    Paula Lee

    Paula became interested in herbs and natural remedies as a teenager when
    she picked up a copy of Jethro Kloss’s classic herbal, Back to Eden, thinking it
    was a novel.

  • Image Kelley Vahradian

    Kelley Vahradian

    Born in Syracuse, N.Y. and raised in Southern California, I migrated to
    Oregon in the late 70s. Living in the small coastal town of Port Orford,
    there were few options for organic food or natural health alternatives.
    After belonging to a food buying club for 10 years, I joined 3 others
    to start a natural foods grocery store.

  • Image Paul Richard

    Paul Richard

    Originally from New York, Paul has called the Pacific Northwest home for
    20 years. His interest in nutrition and herbalism was honed partly here
    at Evergreen Nutrition where many years ago he would spend hours
    wistfully admiring the selection of products.

  • Image Melissa Sue Brewer

Melissa Sue Brewer

I grew up in Arizona and was a very active child, always on the move. I
could spend hours outside enjoying the world around me. I’ve had an
early interest in herbology, comes from my grandmother and my mother. I
believe that good health is important for the body, mind and spirit

Beth Ellis

Beth Ellis

I’m so happy to be living in the beautiful state of Oregon with my son,
daughter-in law and my wonderful granddaughter. I have worked in
and managed health food stores for over twenty years. I’m grateful
to be here at Evergreen with my amazing coworkers.