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How Can Flower Essences Help Me?

Posted on by Evergreen Nutrition
Image How Can Flower Essences Help Me?

Many people are familiar with homeopathy, the "energetic" or "vibrational" remedies for a wide variety of specific physical or emotional conditions. A lesser-known healing modality which is becoming more well-known is that of flower essences. Flower essence therapy may be likened to homeopathy in that the remedies used are not biochemical in the body, but rather vibrational, or subtle-energy. They work by the principle of resonance the remedy must match a similar pattern within the individual to evoke a healing response. The flower essence healing modality addresses profound issues of emotional well-being to achieve overall mind-body health.

What Are Flower Essences?

The essences are liquid extracts, generally taken in oral form. They are made exclusively from the fresh blossoms of plants, and are a sun infusion in water, which is diluted and potentized then preserved with alcohol (brandy). They are not to be confused with essential oils, which are steam-distilled essences from a variety of plant-matter and are thus biochemical. Ingestion of those potent, concentrated oils may be very dangerous. Flower essences, on the other hand, are extremely safe. In their modern form, flower essences were developed by English physician Edward Bach, who originally prepared 38 remedies from English wildflowers found in the countryside near Oxford. Since Dr. Bach's time, many more flower essences have been researched and prepared.

How Do Flower Essences Work?

FES Repertory & Five Flower Formula

The essences contain only a minute amount of actual physical substance; they are vibrational in nature. They have no direct impact upon the body's biochemistry and therefore are non-toxic. The remedies (essences) are catalysts for emotional change. With this awareness/change, transformation and healing may be achieved. The awareness enables the individual to understand and change existing physical conditions. Selecting an appropriate remedy involves assessing core emotional and mental factors. An emotional imbalance may then be matched to a specific remedy. An inappropriate remedy will not be harmful; it simply will not evoke a response. To assist with selecting a remedy, it may be helpful to study the Flower Essence Repertory from Flower Essence Services (FES).

What Can Flower Essences Treat?

Distinguishing specific issues to treat may require searching into the past, such as childhood emotional experiences. Self-reflection, questioning and even counseling may reveal goals as well. There are also lists or questionnaires available to help with selection. Below are some classic flower essences and attendant properties.

Flower Essences & Flowers

  • Mimulus - One of the first Bach remedies developed in the 1930's. A remedy for states of fear and introversion. May be helpful for fretful children and the elderly. 
  • Impatiens - As its name suggests, this flower may help with impatience: states of tension, irritation, and anger. Quiet calming.
  • Star of Bethlehem - Inner peace and repose; soothing, meditative qualities. Useful for states of shock and trauma. 
  • Borage - Indicated for states of intense sadness or depression. Feeling discouraged or disheartened.
  • Mariposa Lily - Feminine healing, especially mothers and children. Stimulates maternal warmth and nurturing.

Evergreen Nutrition carries over 140 flower essence remedies including Bach Rescue Remedy and FES Five Flower Formula to promote calm and balance during times of stress or trauma. We also have literature available on usage and selection. See what flower essences can do for you and your emotional and physical well-being.

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