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What Will The Future Look Like?

Posted by Evergreen Nutrition
Image What Will The Future Look Like?
We want the best possible world for ourselves and generations to come. Please take a moment to peruse these items that relate to creating a happy, healthy future for everyone.

If you believe that you have the right to know if the foods you eat are from genetically modified sources check out Money Bomb Against Monsanto. In California there is a movement afoot to require GMO labeling. Since California has the eighth largest economy in the world, if it passes there it will be nationwide.If you believe that the FDA should allow food manufacturers to state on their labels the scientifically proven health benefits of their products please take a look at this HR 1364 for Free Speech About Science. It is currently illegal for Diamond Food, for example, to tout the cardiovascular benefits of omega-3 fats in walnuts, even though research backs those claims. Why? Because that would make walnuts an “unapproved drug” according to the FDA.And finally, if you believe that genetically modified salmon is a threat to our native salmon please take action. You can sign a petition in the store to show your opposition to GMO fish or read more about it at Just Label It .


Next month, Evergreen Nutrition will be celebrating thirty-two years in business. Although there have been many changes over the past three decades, Evergreen remains committed to providing excellent customer service, high quality products and reasonable prices to help our customers achieve optimum health and quality of life.Throughout June we will have dozens of line drives, gift basket drawings, free goodie bags and product demonstrations. Check us out on Facebook for our demo schedule, or simply call the store. Thank you, Evergreen customers, for choosing to shop with us. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.

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