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Sucontral® D: Clinically Validated Blood Sugar Support*†

Sucontral® D: Clinically Validated Blood Sugar Support*†.

by Terry Lemerond, Founder and President of EuroPharma, Inc.

If you find that maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is an important personal goal, consider adding Sucontral® D to your daily regimen.
Sucontral D features a clinically studied extract of Hintonia latiflora, an herb that you may not have heard about before, but you’ll be glad that you did now.

Hintonia FlowerThe irony is that while this botanical has over 60 years of research and use behind it in Europe, it originates in the Western hemisphere in the Sonoran desert in Mexico. This shrub-like tree has white, trumpet-shaped fragrant flowers and withstands a very harsh climate. This resilience actually helps create and concentrate the powerful compounds that have made it so highly regarded.

Hintonia has a history of traditional use, research has focused on how and why the bark extract benefits the body. It has been found that these extracts contain a polyphenol called coutareagenin, which helps support healthy blood sugar levels.*† This compound appears to modulate alpha-glucosidase, an enzyme that releases sugar from carbohydrates, allowing people to experience even-keel blood sugar levels throughout the day, versus the “spiking” that we can all relate to that can affect energy and mood. Sucontral D contains a standardized amount of this unique polyphenol for consistent results.

Sucontral D Supplement Facts

While most of the original research focused on the qualities and compounds in the plant only, scientists have included synergistic vitamins and trace minerals (vitamins B1, B6, B12, folic acid, chromium, zinc, and vitamins C and E) blended with the extract for even greater benefits. It is that combination that scientists in Germany created Sucontral® D – a pairing of time-honored wisdom and leading-edge science. It is this clinically studied supplement that offers astounding support of blood sugar balance.*†

In one study, adult participants were provided with Sucontral D for six months. At the end of the study, in every crucial measure, Sucontral D significantly and dramatically supported quality of life measures associated with healthy blood sugar balance*†. It also supported healthy cholesterol and triglyceride balance – both important, and often related – factors to healthy insulin function.*†

Sucontral D

Other clinical research has found similar results, with the overall conclusion showing that Sucontral D supports healthy insulin function, carbohydrate metabolism, healthy A1C levels, and healthy blood sugar levels throughout the day.*†

Now, more than ever, supporting healthy blood sugar levels is a critical part of optimal health.*† It may be one of your own personal goals as well. Sucontral D can help.


† Supports healthy levels already within normal range.

Our Guest Writer

Terry Lemerond

Terry Lemerond, founder and president of EuroPharma, Inc.®, a premier U.S. based dietary supplement company with over 100 products, has over 45 years of experience as a natural health expert. His wide-ranging expertise has included owning health food stores, founding dietary supplement companies, and formulating over 400 products. Among his many “firsts,” Terry was the first to introduce glucosamine sulfate, IP-6, standardized
Ginkgo biloba, and the concept of botanical standardization to the U.S. market. His introduction of the curcumin products, Curamin®, the award winning safe and effective pain product and CuraMed® the number one product in its category, just passed the 10-year mark of continual success.* A published author and commentator on natural health, including a weekly radio show, Terry is in demand as a guest speaker and media commentator. Recognized as an industry leader with many awards through the years, he was most recently honored with an induction into the Hall Of Legends at Natural Products Expo West 2017.Terry’s dedication, energy, and zeal are all part of his on-going mission – to improve the health of America.

*Other Herbal Formula Subcategory, Brand Rank and Product Item Rank, data ending 8/2/19).