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SilverSol Antibacterial Silver

Safe • Effective • Natural

Silver isn’t just a beautiful metal, it has been used as a natural antibacterial agent for centuries. It is a very effective colloid (suspended in water) and it has the highest electrical conductivity of any metal. In fact, it is the benchmark by which other metals are judged on that scale. SilverSol is simply 10 parts per million (ppm) of elemental silver and deionized water, so it retains the properties of colloidal silver.

How Does It Work?

Colloidal (ionic) silver has positive silver ions that can steal electrons from the cell membrane of bacteria causing the membrane to rupture. When enough electrons are stripped from the cell membrane the bacteria can’t function. But colloidal silver operates at a one-to-one electron exchange rate before being neutralized, “one and done,” as they say. At that rate, for antibacterial effectiveness a high concentration of silver or multiple applications are needed. SilverSol’s unique, patented nano-silver (5-7 nm) silver oxide coating, A
4O4, can steal thousands of electrons per particle for continuous (catalytic) action. In addition, it’s “supercharged” with the same frequency at which germicidal ultraviolet resonates (890-910 terahertz); a frequency that is harmless to human tissue but highly damaging to bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Plus, it doesn’t require direct physical contact to be effective.

More Effective than Other Silvers

By combining the patented silver oxide coating with resident ultraviolet frequency, SilverSol’s effectiveness is increased. At just 10 ppm SilverSol is
three to ten times more effective than traditional colloidal/ionic silvers or silver hydrosols, even those with up to 3,000 ppm. Although SilverSol has potent natural antibacterial properties, it doesn’t harm probiotics, our beneficial bacteria. Because it isn’t metabolized in our bodies and, unlike ionic silver, it is excreted with no residual build up, it can be safely used every day. SilverSol’s safety and effectiveness are backed by 420 independent, third-party studies including human ingestion studies.

Nano-Silver Boosts Antibiotic Action

study published by Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), a publisher of open-access scientific journals, states that AgNP, or silver nano particles, “are suitable candidates for use in combinations with traditional antibiotics in order to improve their antibacterial action”  and that “strong synergistic effects were shown for all tested antibiotics combined with AgNPs at very low concentrations of both antibiotics and AgNPs. … Moreover, a very low amount of silver is needed for effective antibacterial action of the antibiotics, which represents an important finding for potential medical applications due to the negligible cytotoxic effect of AgNPs towards human cells at these concentration levels.”

Silver for Many Uses

Evergreen carries natural, safe and effective
American Biotech Labs nano-silver products for a variety of uses. The liquid/spray is for oral or topical use, two different gels (20 ppm and 24 ppm) are for topical use only, plus two throat lozenges (Vitamin C and Manuka Honey) and a xylitol-based, non-abrasive silver tooth gel that promotes oral health without fluoride, parabens or SLS.