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Plug-In Room Diffuser

With the unique ScentBall aromatherapy

diffuser, you may now enjoy the pleasant fragrance of essential oils as

well as their therapeutic effects at any moment, in any room where there

is an electrical outlet. ScentBall Aromatherapy Diffusers enable you to enjoy

beautiful, natural, fresh fragrances, safely and with minimal effort. Before ScentBall Aromatherapy Diffusers were launched, the

only known affordable electric room fresheners were made with artificial

fragrances. The ScentBall was itself once a bug repellent diffuser and is now

an natural air freshener. To provide consumers the option of selecting their

own natural essential oils, Earth Solutions expanded the consumer choice from

chemical fragrance air fresheners to a naturally derived plant extract – plug

in wall aromatherapy diffusers.

Create your own aromatherapy environment with these oils:

Lavender – for relaxation in the kids room
Tangerine – to increase motivation at work
Peppermint – to improve concentration in the study
Eucalyptus – for easy breathing in the bedroom
Lemongrass – to brighten your blues on a rainy day
Patchouli – for social gatherings in the living room
Ylang Ylang – for greater passion while on vacation

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Suggested Use:

Instructions for Aromatherapy:

Place 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil onto the ScentBall

diffuser pad and slide the saturated pad under the grill of the

diffuser. Plug in the diffuser and enjoy the aromatherapy of plant

extracts. Refresh the reusable cotton pad with one or more essential

oils to create a unique aromatherapeutic experience.