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Support For Upper & Lower Respiratory Ailments

Benefits: This is a potent tincture that has been carefully formulated to support your immune system in a variety of upper and lower respiratory ailments, from common colds, coughs, fever, and hoarseness to full blown flu, bronchial infections, general achiness and more. Smokers and ex-smokers alike have found restorative aid to a nagging cough. When you sense a respiratory illness coming on, the sooner you begin this Respiratory Support the better.

Formerly called Respiratory Rescue.


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Not for long-term use and not recommended for pregnant women or mothers who are nursing.
  • As with any illness, be sure to consult with your doctor, as appropriate, if symptoms persist or worsen.

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Suggested Use:

25-30 drops, 3X daily. Note: It is important to work up to the high dose over the course of a week or so. Continue use for a few days to a week after all your symptoms have cleared up, then discontinue use.

Ingredients: Solomon's Seal, Oregon Grape Root, Osha Root, Mullein Leaf, Usnea, Horsetail, Agrimony. Organic Neutral Grain (Gluten-free) Alcohol – 50%, Distilled water.