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Supports Joint Function and Supports Sore Muscles

Feeling Sore? Whether you’ve overexerted yourself at the office, at home, or chasing your kids around the park- sore, fatigued muscles require attention. Enzymedica’s Repair Gold is a formulation of high potency proteolytic enzymes specifically designed to support muscle, tissue, and joint function. These formulas contain the proteolytic enzymes protease, bromelain, papain and catalase in a targeted release capsule to ensure optimal delivery.

Repair Gold also contains Serratiopeptidase, which like nattokinase, functions as a proteolytic and fibrinolytic enzyme. The Serratiopeptidase enzymes support healthy circulation which in turn supports the body’s ability to repair tissue, help reduce joint discomfort, and maintain balanced secretion of interstitial fluid (necessary to deliver nutrients to cells, and remove metabolic waste from cells).

Repair Gold is formulated to work in parallel with the body’s natural restorative processes. Repair Gold is a vegetarian blend of protein digesting enzymes which support muscle, tissue and joint function. The Serratiopeptidase (Serrapeptase) found in Renew Gold may also help create a healthy inflammatory response while also offering cardiovascular support. Repair Gold may be taken before and after strenuous exercise or exertion to encourage acceleration of the body’s natural ability to recover and repair.


  • Keep in dry place; avoid excessive heat.
  • Keep out of reach from children.

Suggested Use:

Take 2 capsules 2-3 times per day at least 1 hour before, or 2 hours after, a meal. May be taken before and after
strenuous exercise to encourage accelerated recovery and repair. More may be taken as needed.

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 2 Targeted Delivery Capsules
Per Serving: %DV:
Bromelain 1,200 GDU **
Protease Thera-blend 130,000 HUT **
Amylase Thera-blend 8,000 DU **
Catalase 100 Baker **
Papain 3,000,000 PU **
Serratiopeptidase 80,000 SPU **
Lipase Thera-blend 690 FCCFIP **
**Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: 100% Vegetarian Capsule (gellan gum, cellulose, water).

Allergen Information:

  • Does not contain: Egg, dairy, preservatives, salt, sucrose, soy, wheat yeast, nuts, corn, gluten, casein, potato, rice, artificial colors and flavors.
  • Absolutely no fillers added.