Prospek-50 Anti-Blue Light Glasses Dynamic | 1 Pair

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Blocks 50% of Harmful Blue Light

Want to protect your eyes without losing the colors of the rainbow? PROSPEK-50 blocks the most harmful blue light while maintaining color and clarity. These nearly clear lenses will protect your eyes without sacrificing style.

Classic and simple, these frames have just the right amount of bold to stand out. Blending style and function, they are suitable for all occasions whether in the office or the classroom.

Our eyes may be the windows to the soul but they weren’t designed to stare at a smartphone. Eyestrain from blue light can cause headaches and sleeplessness. Spektrum's glasses provide maximum protection with cool options to fit your personal style.

PROSPEK blue light glasses use a patented, multi-layer coating design to reduce glare, reflect blue light away from the lens and relieve long-term eye strain caused by excessive electronic device use. This specialized coating provides:

  • Anti-UV
  • Anti-fog
  • Reduced glare
  • Reduction of blue light

Includes case and lens cleaning cloth.