Solomon’s Seal Tincture

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Lubricating, Joint-Maintenance Herb

Solomon’s seal (Polygonatum spp.) is not the most well known medicinal herb in popular culture today, but the 16th Century herbalist Gerard knew of its effectiveness for pain and inflammation in the joints. He also wrote of its ability to restore “members that have been out of joynt … and knitteth the joynt very firmely.”

In the 21st Century, some herbalists are singing the praises of the beneficial action of Solomon’s seal’s on the musculoskeletal system and especially the ligaments and tendons. It nourishes and lubricates the ligaments, tendons and muscles. It also helps to normalize the tension of connective tissues whether they are too loose or too tight. It can be a useful adjunct for chiropractic treatment because it helps to hold the adjustments, so to speak.

Solomon’s seal has what herbalist and homeopath Matthew Wood calls, “the intelligence to set bones” in the right position. It also helps to balance calcium, contributing to strong bones and breaking up bone spurs. People with osteoarthritis may find it useful as well.

In addition, Solomon’s seal can be useful for treating bruises, excessive bleeding and painful menstruation. It has a mucilaginous quality and may help soothe the mucous membranes, relieve gastrointestinal inflammation and loosen mucous in the lungs and other organs.

Solomon’s seal is best when used regularly, in small doses. Good results can usually be seen in about 2-4 weeks then the dose can be reduced to the maintenance level. It is important to note that Solomon’s seal has a lubricating action on the tissues and requires water to do its job. Be sure to drink 2-4 quarts of water per day while using Solomon’s seal — more if doing heavy physical work or exercise.


  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Increase water intake while using this product.

Suggested Use:

Dosage: 5-7 drops, 3 times daily, placed under the tongue. You may find improvement within 1-7 days; additional healing often occurs within 2-4 weeks. Be regular with your initial use, and increase water intake.
Maintenance Use: Initially use the full bottle (1 oz. bottle lasts about a month; 2 oz., up to two months). After noticeable improvement, you may reduce dosage to a few drops daily, or discontinue.
Emergency Use: The quick-acting results of Solomon's Seal suggests having a bottle at hand in your medicine cabinet or as part of an emergency kit when traveling or engaging in recreational activities. Use the suggested dosage.


Root of North American Solomon's Seal (Polygonatum biflorum, P. multiflorum, and/or P. odoratum) preserved in organic neutral grain alcohol.