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World's No. 1 Oxygen + Nutrient Formula

Cellfood is an extraordinary and widely-research formulation — distributed for five decades and now available in over 90 countries. Cellfood's proprietary ability to nourish and detoxify at the body's deepest cellular levels addresses thefoundational aspects of health.

Cellfood can benefit everyone. It supports those with health issues as well as those in basic good health and superior athletic condition. And in the area of prevention of future health challenges, taking Cellfood regularly is a truly effective health protocol.


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid eye contact; rinse well if dropped in eyes.
  • If pregnant, nursing or under medical care, consult your health professional.
  • Some may experience a cleansing or detoxification response. If so, halve dosage at beginning, then gradually resume full dosage.
  • Pour with care. Before Cellfood is mixed with water or juice, its beneficial enzymes can compromise countertops, clothing and other surfaces.
  • Store bottle on tray.

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Suggested Use:

Adults take 8 drops in 8 ounces of purified or distilled water, or juice, 3 times per day— or during stress or physical activity. Best taken between meals (at least 15 min. before or 1 hour after). May mix one day's amount in water bottle and sip throughout day.

A 1-ounce bottle is a 30-day supply.

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 8 drops

Per Serving:


Cellfood Proprietary Blend:

Deionized Water, Deuterium Sulfate, Catalyst Altered Water (with Fossilized Organics), Calcified Seaweed (from Lithothamnion Calcareum), Grape Juice,  Magnesium Sulfate

300 mg


*Daily Value not established.