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Introducing Annemarie Borlind Skincare

Posted on by Evergreen Nutrition
Image Introducing Annemarie Borlind Skincare

Evergreen Nutrition is pleased to announce the arrival of a new (to us) skincare line. Longtime skincare customers of ours will know that we have proudly carried Dr. Hauschka skincare and cosmetics for many years. We are excited to offer you another exquisite European skincare line with a long history of pioneering research and innovative products. Annemarie Borlind, based in Germany's Black Forest, was founded in 1959 by Annemarie Linder. A trained beautician, Linder had produced and sold her own products in Germany before founding Borlind. Since then, with Linder remaining involved even into her youthfully glowing nineties, the company has been the recipient of numerous awards and recognition worldwide. In their words:

AM Borlind Flower Jars

From the synergy of innovative research and a great respect for nature, ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND – Natural Beauty develops natural cosmetics products whose efficacy and skin-compatibility are scientifically confirmed by independent test institutes.

The company was one of the first to establish complete care systems for skin. In the seventies they introduced an anti-aging care system range to the market before that term or those kinds of products were popular. Now her flagship range, LL Regeneration is one of the care systems we have brought in. Along with this range we will also stock the Rose Dew line. All products are made in the Black Forest, featuring pure, soft, deep spring water. Plant extracts are certified organic or wild-harvested and are non-genetically modified. No mineral oils, paraffins, parabens or phthalates are used. Products are vegetarian or vegan. Beeswax is used in several products and is clearly stated.

Borlind is committed to fair-trade projects throughout the world. Their commitment to research into botanical skincare innovations led them to introduce ceramides to the industry, and lately they launched a botanically-derived hyaluronic acid ingredient, unlike synthetic sodium hyaluronate.

AM Borlind Rose Dew

The New Lines: Rose Dew

From Borlind again:

Age isn't always the enemy. A host of causes – travel, climate changes, medications – can cause the skin to become dehydrated and uncomfortably taut. The gentle hydration of ROSE DEW Care Series is the perfect solution. Active ingredients from the world’s finest rose gardens and other essential plant extracts provide a soothing burst of hydration and stimulate the collagen-producing fibers that help skin cells retain more moisture. The result is soft, smooth, comfortable skin with just the right balance of hydration.

This line includes cleansing milk, toner, day cream and night cream. Borlind also describes skin benefiting from this line as having small creases.

AM Borlind LL-Biocomplex

The New Lines: LL Regeneration

LL Regeneration is the perfect system for skin requiring regeneration (mature skin). The natural substances promote regeneration and stimulate cell renewal for a visibly more lively and taut complexion. This line includes cleansing milk, toner (the tantalizingly-named Blossom Dew Gel), day cream, night cream and an eye wrinkle cream.

Separate from these two ranges are a few more products, Facial Firming Gel and Orange Blossom Energizer, an oil-based serum. No synthetic scents or perfumes are used in any products. Essential oil constituents such as geraniol, and bisabolol (from chamomile) provide the scents of products and add their own therapeutic antioxidant, soothing and regenerating properties.

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