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Summer is here and many of us will be traveling. A first aid kit is always good to have handy and homeopathic remedies are small and travel well. (Remedies in Boironís new tubes can safely pass through airport x-rays). Here is a quick look at homeopathy and some of the ways that it can help keep your summer vacation safe and happy.

Homeopathy is a natural system of healing. It uses minute doses of a substance that with huge doses in healthy people will produce the specific symptoms which are similar to those of the disease. Got that? Itís called the Law of Similars. Homeopathic remedies work on physical, mental and emotional levels to stimulate our bodies to adjust physiological processes, relying on our natural inclination toward homeostasis (balance). There are generally no side effects, contraindications or interference with other medications. The practice of homeopathy is quite complex with each individualís constitutional type (physical and emotional state) as well as the specific symptoms determining which remedy will be used.

For example, are the symptoms relieved by heat or cold? Does the patient prefer company or want to be alone? Does s/he feel better for drinking milk? Worse for eating bread? These are the kinds of questions one must ask in determining which remedy is right for the given situation. It is important to match the symptoms to the remedy and to take it frequently. As a general rule, 6C (acute or local symptoms) or 30C(chronic conditions) remedies are most suitable for self-treating, however, taking the correct remedy is more important than using the right potency. Generally, take more frequent doses for sudden, acute symptoms and decrease doses as symptoms improve. Chronic conditions, like allergies and migraines, usually require longer treatment for sustained relief. Here are a few remedies you may want to have on hand while traveling:

ACONITE is the sudden onset remedy. Works best for the first symptoms of croup, colds, flu, fever and sore throat. If you delay, then consider other remedies. Also good for panic, anxiety, restlessness, claustrophobia and fear of flying.
APIS is excellent for bee stings, insect bites, hives and inflammatory conditions (heat, redness and swelling). Fluid retention and swelling of legs and feet during travel.
ARNICA a first aid essential, is wonderful for trauma, shock, injuries to soft tissues; recovery from physical exertion, dental work and surgery. Use it to ease muscle aches from jet lag. Itis also helpful for earache caused by changes in air pressure (barotrauma) when flying or diving. Taken internally it promotes healing and helps control bleeding. Arnica topically helps heal bruises, sprains, and sunburn.
ARSENICUM helps treat diarrhea and vomiting from food poisoning; diarrhea with no other symptoms, such as travelerís sickness. Burning pains relieved by heat. Anxiety and restlessness.
BELLADONNA is for throbbing earaches, mild colds and sorethroat, sweating, congestion, high fever and sunburn or heat exhaustion. For inflammatory conditions with sudden onset.
BELLIS PERENNIS is used to alleviate muscular soreness, especially where Arnica doesnít help. Also for venous congestion from sitting too long, illness resulting from getting chilled whileoverheated or from sleep interruptions.
BORAX Canker sores, especially with candida present. Travel sickness with nausea and vomiting especially on descent.
CALENDULA is another must have for first aid kits. It speeds healing of wounds that are not infected. Calendula encourages tissue growth, so if it is used before the infection is cleared the infection may go deeper. It aids healing of bleeding, open wounds as well as nosebleeds. Calendula salve can be used topically on wounds and diaper rash, too.
CANTHARIS is helpful for treating first- and second-degree burns and for burning pains, bladder infections, insectbites/stings and sunburn.
CAUSTICUM can ease third-degree burns (get emergency help!), especially deep burns or those that are slow to heal.
CHAMOMILLA is an excellent remedy for teething, earaches and colic. Also for insomnia (especially when angry or excited) and restlessness. Used to alleviate emotional and mental stress, impatience, irritability and disorientation. A must-have remedy for traveling with small children.
COFFEA is a great remedy for those who are oversensitive or overexcited (like kids on holiday), for sleeplessness caused by over stimulation from happy events, and toothache relieved by cold.
COLOCYNTHIS helps relieve colic with diarrhea (child pulls legs toward belly), leg cramps and sciatica (especially rightsided, worse with movement).
GELSEMIUM ameliorates sore throats, cough, colds or flu accompanied by shivering and anticipatory fears like fear of flying.
HYPERICUM is the must-have remedy for nerve pain, numbness and tingling, especially in nerve-rich areas like fingertips or tailbone. Also useful for painful bunions, infected wounds,puncture wounds and post-surgical wounds including dental. Take Arnica first to prevent bruising and swelling.
IPECACUANHA is an important remedy for extreme, persistent nausea, headache accompanied by vomiting and vomiting, with hypersalivation.
KALI BICHROMICUM is useful for hearing reduction due to in-flight pressure changes, sinus pressure, sciatica with sensation of pain moving along the leg, and indigestion from too much beer.
KALI MURIATICUM can act as a decongestant - useful for ear pain from in-flight pressure changes. Take a dose of 6X or 12X before boarding and again before landing.
LEDUM is a puncture wound remedy, including insect stings and animal bites that are relieved by cold applications. Splinters, joint pain and black eyes (especially if Arnica fails to prevent bruising).
LYCOPODIUM is used to alleviate anxiety, anticipatory fears, apprehension, oversensitivity, inability to adapt to new surroundings.
NATRUM MURIATICUM can relieve headaches from heat or sun.Take it at the first sign of a cold sore caused by sun or salt air. Also good for canker sores and candida.
NUX VOMICA is one of the best remedies for overindulgence: too much coffee, tobacco, alcohol, or whatever! Helpful for nausea, indigestion, constipation, colic and heartburn. Helpful for relieving motion sickness, food poisoning, insomnia, drowsiness and jet lag.
PODOPHYLLUM can treat travelerís diarrhea and diarrhea associated with teething, especially if worse in the morning.
PULSATILLA can help weepy, whiny or needy children.Toothache and teething pains better for cold and fresh air.Indigestion or diarrhea from rich foods and food poisoning from bad meat or fish. Styes, earaches, sciatica, venous congestion and varicose veins.
RHUS TOXICODENDRON is a good remedy for restless types. It works well for poison ivy/oak rash, eczema, flu and toothaches sensitive to cold. Muscular aches and pains, stiff joints, damaged ligaments and tendonitis from overexertion, especially when improved by motion (use Arnica first). Sciatica improved by motion and heat. For hangovers with tension headaches, nausea and irritability.Restless insomnia. Take at onset of cold sores not caused by salt air.
RUTA GRAVEOLENS is useful for bone injuries such as bruises and breaks, for injured muscles, cartilage, ligaments and especially damaged tendons (use Arnica first). Eye strain and resulting headache. Sciatica.
SILICA is used to draw out splinters and other foreign objects and for teething, abscesses and boils. Ingrown toenails and painful corns.
SYMPHYTUM is an excellent remedy for bone injuries including breaks, especially those that are slow to heal. Also good for black eyes after Arnica has taken down the swelling.
URTICA URENS can do the job for minor burns, like sunburns and scalds, with itching and burning sensations. Prickly heat, nettle rash, hives and insect bites/stings with stinging, burning and itching.

This list is just a tiny peek at homeopathy. If you are interested 1n learning more, please take a look at our homeopathic book selection .And for some helpful hints on dealing with pesky summer insects,please refer to our newsletter from July 2007 at our website,

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