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Hippies & Heros in Portland

Posted on by Evergreen Nutrition
Image Hippies & Heros in Portland

Evergreen Nutrition has long been proud to support local vendors from Eugene and beyond in Oregon. We are excited to represent two vendors from Portland, with a unique herbal line and an innovative skin care line, respectively.

Portland Ashwagandha Farm

PAF Hero's Blend & Spagyric AshwagandhaProducing only two products, but both special Evergreen staff favorites with good reason, is Portland Ashwagandha Farm. Started by herbalist and student of Ayurvedic medicine Jeff Johnson in 2015, Portland Ashwagandha Farm launched providing the first biodynamically grown, freshly harvested, and spagyrically processed ashwagandha tincture product on the market. This is quite unusual in that most ashwagandha in this country comes from India. Having a locally grown and produced source for this increasingly popular adaptogen is welcome enough, but given that the herb is biodynamically grown and spagyrically processed is downright exciting to us. Spagyric extracts are more complicated and complex than regular herbal extracts and require extra care and time. After the herb is macerated in alcohol, remaining plant matter is burned (calcined) to create the mineral ash residue which is then added back into the tincture to "awaken a superior potency and effectiveness."

Ashwagandha Berry & PodsAlong with their Fresh Ashwagandha Spagyric Tincture, the company makes a blend called Hero's Blend. This product is beloved by the entire Evergreen staff. In the company's words, "The hero’s journey is full of trials and challenges. We are all heroes and we need energy for our work, grounded clarity to make wise choices, and an enduring spirit to stay true to our hearts. This formula supports a healthy metabolism and release of unneeded energetic and physical toxins." We feel that this product imparts a calm, subtle energy and resistance to stress. These products are both available in 2 ounce glass bottles. We carry more than ten different ashwagandha products, and if you have not tried this one yet, we urge you to become a "hero."

Mad Hippie 

Cruelty-Free BunnyWinner of numerous awards for their skin care line, Mad Hippie was "built on the notion that natural skin care can be every bit as effective as traditional. Parabens, synthetic fragrance, dyes, petrochemicals, PEGs, SLS and other nasty additives aren't necessities." Along with their avoidance of these, the company also has a strong ethical standpoint, with a stance against animal cruelty. They regularly donate to Save the Elephants as well as Whole Planet Foundation which provides micro-lending to female entrepreneurs globally, helping to lift up families and provide relief from poverty worldwide.

Mad Hippie Products

Mad Hippie's "More Actives, More Results" line includes classic botanical ingredients such as carrot seed and pomegranate oils along with cutting-edge cosmeceuticals like peptides and stem cells. Their Vitamin A Serum contains a next-generation form of the vitamin, HPR, which is the most skin-bioavailable and stable form, promising to dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The line includes a Cream Cleanser with soothing macadamia nut oil, a Vitamin C Serum, a Face Cream, and an Eye Cream. Also featured are a Hydrating Nutrient Mist and a Facial SPF Cream with zinc oxide and red raspberry seed oil. Mad Hippie recommends combining products as a system. Their products are formulated to work together and they suggest various combinations for certain routines/skin types.

Evergreen's Price: $25.00
Evergreen's Price: $25.00
Evergreen's Price: $32.99
Evergreen's Price: $33.99
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