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Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

Posted on by Evergreen Nutrition
Image Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

If you have ever driven past our store in the evening or late at night, you may have noticed the soft orange glow emanating from our windows. The Himalayan salt lamps responsible for this soothing ambience are much more than just pretty nightlights, however. Originating from Pakistan, the salt crystals are mined in a region of the Himalayas that is home to a vast deposit of salt, ranging in color according to altitude. Salt crystals, due to their biochemical/biophysical nature, possess unique characteristics. In essence, they are natural ion generators. They are also able to adjust and harmonize, or neutralize, artificial electromagnetic frequencies resulting from (constant exposure to) electronic devices. These two main characteristics may have myriad health benefits.

What Are Negative Ions?

A negative ion is an electrically charged oxygen molecule. Fresh air, the oceanside (surf), waterfalls and heavy rain all contain (produce) high amounts of these particles, and these are areas where people report feelings of invigoration and well-being. In salt lamps, the heated salt crystal of the lamp attracts moisture in the air to the surface of the crystal. Sodium and chloride ions are then emitted into the air along with the attracted water molecules evaporating. This results in a negative and neutral ion transmission interaction which is unique to the mineral salt.

Ionizing Benefits

A balance in the favor of negative ions may result in physiological benefits such as improvements in blood circulation, immune function, athletic performance, and respiratory function in particular. Some symptomatic relief may be had from asthma and bronchitis where the underlying cause of these conditions is excessive exposure to positive ions. People report relief from allergies, speedier healing of wounds, and increased alertness and concentration. Also, through the interaction of hydrogen and oxygen, as well as sodium and chloride ions, the air is cleansed. This action helps to reduce dust and animal dander measurably, as well as cigarette smoke.

EMF Protection

The earth and the mammals on it resonate at a frequency of between 7-8 Hertz per second. Electronic devices in modern life such as cell phones, computers and wireless networks are surrounded by electromagnetic frequencies much, much higher than this. These unnatural wavelengths are disruptive and dangerous to us. Some manifestations of this may be irritability, stress, insomnia, and illness. Salt crystals equalize these artificial frequencies and amplify the natural, balanced 8-10 Hertz frequency necessary for health. For this reason, it is popular to place a salt lamp near a computer or television or other device.

Ethically Produced

Salt lamps from California-based Aloha Bay are manufactured in a family-owned factory in Mipur, Pakistan, which cares for its craftsmen, offering long-term employment, humane working conditions, and good wages and benefits. The makers of eco-friendly Evolution salt lamps practice fair trade, treating their employees with dignity and respect, and use socially responsible manufacturing practices.


Since your crystal lamp is salt, it should not be subjected to high moisture as it may melt somewhat. It is not advisable to place your lamp in areas of high humidity such as bathrooms, kitchens or near open windows. If you feel your lamp is dirty or dusty, a damp cloth may be used to wipe the surface. The light bulbs used in the lamps are 15 watts. Enjoy the warm light of your salt crystal lamp!

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