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Himalayan Electric Salt Lamps

Posted on by Evergreen Nutrition
Image Himalayan Electric Salt Lamps

The warm glow created by Himalayan electric salt lamps is not only beautiful, but therapeutic as well. That's because the lamps emit negative ions (good) which bind with positive ions (not so good) to help clear the air of detrimental electromagnetic energy without ozone. Our Himalayan salt lamps come in a variety of sizes as well as spheres, pyramids, rain drops, turtles, elephants and more. We even have a tiny lamp that plugs into a USB port so it's easy to have one near your positive-ion-emitting computer. Evergreen's salt lamps come with a free replacement bulb and make wonderful gifts.

Salt Lamps:

  • Increase chi, serotonin, alertness and concentration
  • Reduce allergens, pet odors and the symptoms of SAD
  • Enhance immune function and general well-being


Some locally-made products are skin care from Keys and Daye, flower essences from Isha Lerner and Cortesia as well as pet care from Mad About Organics.


  • SANTEVIA Alkalizing Water Sticks, Flasks and Pitchers
  • YERBA PRIMA Tampico Skin Brush for dry-brushing skin
  • HIMALAYAN Bath Salts
  • BOOKS on health and homeopathy; cook books


Ecobags canvas totes, made from undyed, 100% recycled cotton, present a "blank canvas" to those who prefer custom-made gifts. These sturdy bags hold more than a regular grocery bag and they are machine washable.


We have a wide variety of lip balms including Portland Bee Balm made with wax and honey from bees in Portland and northwest Oregon. Duck fans will like University Lip Balm with green and yellow tubes that feature the U of O logo. The University receives about 10% in royalty payments.

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