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Go packs: Ready to Go Now!

Posted on by Evergreen Nutrition
Image Go packs: Ready to Go Now!

With the recent devastating, catastrophic wildfires impacting Lane county communities, many local residents have become concerned with putting together "go-bags" as well as having other provisions set aside for natural disasters/emergencies. Evergreen would like to offer some ideas for helpful items for inclusion in these kinds of kits. The following list represents items culled from many different categories. They will ideally be small, light-weight, easily portable and with good shelf-life.


Boiron Blue Tubes

Most people are familiar with tubes of homeopathic arnica for bruising and soreness of muscle tissues, but there are many other useful single remedies which may come in handy in first-aid/travel kits. These may even be kept in the car for easy access if needed at that time. Nux vomica and carbo veg are both useful for issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, gastric pain and other digestive complaints. Apis mellifica is wonderful for insect stings/bites and can quickly reduce associated swelling. Histaminum helps with allergic reactions, reducing those symptoms.

Rescue Remedy Items

While not traditional homeopathy, energetic flower essences can help with emotional trauma, shock and the like. Dr. Bach's  Rescue Remedy comes in drops, spray and tasty  pastilles (lozenges) that feature the classic five-flower anti-stress formula. The pastilles are particularly helpful for children to calm and alleviate fear (in emergency situations, for example). Plus, there is a non-alcohol version of the drops.

Essential Oils

Simplers Essential Oils

Essential oils are small to transport and incredibly versatile in many different situations. Lavender oil topically is anti-microbial, soothes and heals burns, and regenerates damaged skin. Inhaled, it promotes calm and helps with insomnia. Neroli oil is unparalleled at treating (calming) shock and hysteria, and frankincense inhaled will slow rapid breathing (induced by fear/shock/trauma). Oils of red thyme and oregano are powerful antimicrobials, effective against a vast range of pathogens.

GSE & Silver

Grapefruit Seed Extracts

A particularly valuable addition to emergency kits is  grapefruit seed extract (GSE), one of the most powerful antimicrobials available. GSE may suppress the Giardia lamblia protozoa that causes giardia, which is notoriously difficult to eradicate. GSE is available in tablet, capsule and liquid form. (The liquid form is a particular favorite of campers and international travelers.)

AB Silver Liquids

Liquid colloidal silver will accomplish most of what the afore-mentioned GSE will do. Topical silver salves are good to have on hand for burns and skin infections.

Super Foods & Probiotics

Green Superfood Powders

Nutrition-packed, portable  super food powders can be easily used, mixed in water or sprinkled on food. Organic dried vegetable powders such as kale or beet will keep for months and boost nutritional content greatly. Single serving packets of Vitamin C powder, with added minerals/electrolytes provide instant restoration of vital nutrients.


Shelf-stable, travel-ready probiotics such as Jarrow's  Jarro-Dophilus EPS or the Dr. Formulated line are important for immune health as well as gut balance.

And More ...

Some other ideas are CBD products for pain, mood and insomnia. They are available as capsules, liquids and gummies. Topical CBD products, available in different strengths, help soothe aching body parts.

Most of these items will fit into a small kit with other, more traditional, first aid items such as bandages, salves, tweezers and the like. We hope you never have to evacuate for any reason, but if you do, it's good to be ready.

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