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GMOs: Your Right To Know

Posted on by Evergreen Nutrition
Image GMOs: Your Right To Know

Do you know what you ate for dinner last night? Most people could answer "Yes." But do you REALLY know what you ate? Perhaps not. Read on to learn more.


Genetically engineered (GE) foods (also known as genetically modified organisms or GMOs) result when the genes from one or more organisms are placed into the genetic material of another organism. This is quite different from selective breeding. For example, there is a GE cabbage that produces scorpion poison to kill cabbage-eating caterpillars and a GE goat that produces spider web silk in its milk. There are GE animals, plants, insects and trees already out there. Did you know that? Do you think you have a right to know what's on the dinner plate? If so, check out Oregon Right To Know, an organization that is working to make GMO labeling mandatory on food. This is not a ban. It's about choice. Let food manufacturers be honest about the food they grow and produce so people can make informed decisions. It's that simple.


Some evidence suggests that GE foods may account for gluten-related disorders, autism and other chronic conditions that have increased since GMOs crept into our food in 1996. Children are most at risk because of their smaller, faster-growing bodies, general susceptibility to allergies, nutritional deficiencies and antibiotic-resistant diseases. The toxin used to grow GMO corn has been found in the blood of pregnant women and their unborn children. GMO seeds and pollen travel where they will; it is impossible to restrain them from contaminating other crops. Many of these plants are engineered to be tolerant of herbicides like Roundup leading to increased use. More poison in the fields harms the environment and leaves residues on our food.


Certified organic foods do not contain GMOs. You can also look for the NON-GMO PROJECT logo that appears on many foods. You can ask questions at your local grocery store, farmers' market and farm stand.

Over 90% of Americans believe that GMOs should be labeled in the U.S. Over 60 countries worldwide already require it, including Russia and China. Monsanto supported GMO labeling in the United Kingdom, but they are spending millions of dollars at home to block it. Now it's our turn to speak out. If you believe that people have a right to know what they are eating, please sign the petition that would allow Oregon voters to decide in November's election. Please act soon, the deadline is July 3.

It is true that we are what we eat. Are you a cabbage with a scorpion's sting? Maybe you think that's cool, and that's okay. We just think we have a right to decide for ourselves.


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