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Feral Fungi Spagyric Mushrooms: Alchemy in Action

Posted on by Evergreen Nutrition
Image Feral Fungi Spagyric Mushrooms: Alchemy in Action

Evergreen Nutrition is pleased to introduce another line of medicinal mushrooms to take its place in our Mushroom section. From Portland comes a unique company called Feral Fungi. Owner Jason Scott produces spagyric liquid extracts of mushrooms either organically cultivated or wild-crafted in the verdant Pacific Northwest. Many things about Feral Fungi and their philosophy set them apart from the increasing numbers of medicinal mushroom companies out there.

What is Spagyric?

Feral Fungi's extracts are processed with the spagyric alchemical process. The word comes from two root words: spao, meaning separate, and gyre, meaning recombine. The process is described in this way from the company:

 Alchemist at Work   "Firstly all tinctures are dual extracted from the fruiting body of the mushroom so that they contain a higher concentration of the polysaccharides from the mushroom which contribute to their efficacy. Secondly each tincture is imbued with the purified mineral salts of the specific mushroom being extracted which philosophically stand as the body of the mushroom and physiologically are the mineral salts. Thirdly the extraction apparatus used in our process lets us capture all of the subtle volatiles that escape in the steam during open extraction process (yes, that wonderful smell while you are making tea, are volatiles being driven off), making our tinctures full bodied and dynamic. Finally the extraction method we use lets us do both extractions under heat which help to obtain a full constituency from the mushrooms we are extracting from, leading to a tincture you can taste and feel the difference in."

Needless to say, the spagryric process is complicated and more time-consuming than the standard herbal extract or even dual hot-water/alcohol extract process used for many medicinal mushroom products. In the spagyric alchemical process, "each fungi has been assigned a planetary correspondence based on the morphology, qualities and energetics of that particular mushroom and is processed under that planetary influence to exalt the final tincture." Each of the mushroom extracts is processed according to when the planetary influence for that mushroom is the strongest.

Single Mushrooms

Feral Fungi Singles

Evergreen is now carrying three single mushroom extracts and three proprietary blends. The singles are:

  • Reishi Spagyric extract helps to support the liver, heart, immune function, and a healthy histamine response. It is energetically ruled by the sun, which influences the heart and circulatory system.
  • Turkey Tail Spagyric extract supports genitourinary tract health, immune function, and normal, healthy cell growth. It is ruled by Venus and influences the kidneys and genitourinary system.
  • Lion's Mane Spagyric extract is known for supporting neural pathways in the brain, a healthy immune response, and optimal digestive functioning. It is ruled by the moon, and influences the brain and nervous system.

Mushroom Blends

Feral Fungi Blends

The three blends are:

  • MycoClarity combines Lion's Mane, Reishi, and Cordyceps, and helps to support energy and focus, healthy circulation and oxygenation, and the body's ability to cope with oxidative stress.
  • MycoDigest is a blend of Lion's Mane, Red-Belted Conk, Chaga, Turkey Tail, and several other fungi. It helps to support optimal digestive functioning, a healthy inflammation response, especially in the gut, and a healthy immune response.
  • MycoBreathe supports upper and lower respiratory health, normal oxygenation and circulation, and healthy mucus production and elimination. 

Unique Differences

Another unique feature of Feral Fungi is their adherence to using only the fruiting bodies of the mushrooms, when many companies utilize only the mycelium or a blend of the two. According to Feral Fungi, the fruiting bodies create more constituently rich extracts than most mycelial extracts. They are also the part of the mushroom used traditionally in ancient systems of medicine.

Local is truly a part of the company's belief as well. Feral Fungi uses wild-crafted Northwest mushrooms in their singles and blends, such as the familiar Red-Belted Conk and Artist Conk one sees everywhere in Oregon's forests.

We hope that customers who take interest in medicinal mushrooms will try these truly special and unique products.

Evergreen's Price: $27.00
Evergreen's Price: $27.00
Evergreen's Price: $27.00
Evergreen's Price: $30.00
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