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20 ppm: Tiny Number, Big Impact

Posted on by Evergreen Nutrition
Image 20 ppm: Tiny Number, Big Impact
  • Twenty parts per million is a very tiny number but it has a large impact on those who have Celiac Disease.
  • The FDA states that in order for something to be labeled as gluten free it must contain under 20 parts per million of gluten.
  • According to the National Institutes of Health 5-10% of the people in the world may have a sensitivity to gluten.
  • Three million Americans have Celiac Disease.
  • Ninety-seven percent of Americans estimated to have Celiac Disease do not know they have the disease.
  • Thirty percent of the American poplulation is estimated to have the genes necessary for the expression of Celiac Disease.
  • Sixty percent of children and 41% of adults with Celiac Disease have no symptoms.
  • There are no drugs to treat Celiac Disease the only treatment is complete avoidance of gluten.
  • The average cost of misdiagnosis is high: $5,000-$12,000 per person per year.
  • Untreated Celiac Disease can take 5 years off your life.
  • When it comes to gluten and nutritional supplements a zero tolerance policy is critical.
  • Evergreen stocks a large selection of gluten free supplements as well as health and beauty aids.

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