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100 % Whole-Food Supplements

Tue, Jan 05 2016 1:38 pm Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image 100 % Whole-Food Supplements

100% whole-food supplements contain nutrients the way they exist in nature: complete phytonutrients with synergistic cofactors intact which you don’t get from isolated fractions. 


Chlorophyll - It's Easy Being Green

Wed, Jan 06 2016 3:59 pm Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image Chlorophyll - It's Easy Being Green

Early 20th century scientists theorized that chlorophyll is the natural blood-building element for all plant-eaters and humans, and has the same fast blood-building effect as iron in animals made experimentally anemic.


Fast Food!?!

Wed, Jan 06 2016 12:31 pm Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image Fast Food!?!

We are very pleased to tell you that we have recently expanded our line of Eclectic’s freeze-dried POWders. That’s Plant Originated Wellness or, as Hippocrates said, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”


Fish Oil

Wed, Jan 06 2016 12:33 pm Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image Fish Oil

Evergreen Nutrition features many excellent fish oils and we'd like to tell you about a few that have something special to offer.


Friends And Gifts From The Hive

Wed, Jan 06 2016 12:40 pm Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image Friends And Gifts From The Hive

As if pollinating crops weren’t enough, we may thank bees as well for their hive gifts of raw honey, pollen and propolis, all three valuable superfoods/herbal substances in their own right.


Good News! More Good News and Something Interesting

Wed, Jan 06 2016 12:47 pm Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image Good News! More Good News and Something Interesting

Developed by Dr. Andrew Abraham, a physician and cancer survivor, ORGAIN is a nutritionally balanced blend of organic ingredients including 16 grams of protein from whey and brown rice, omega-3 fatty acids and only 13 grams of sugar (compared to over 20 grams in other brands)


Healthy Bones: Strong & Flexible

Wed, Jan 06 2016 12:54 pm Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image Healthy Bones: Strong & Flexible

Additionally, plants and bones contain a naturally balanced complex of minerals which, in conjunction with vitamins D and K and physical activity, help to ensure that our bones will remain strong and flexible.


Healthy Mouth

Wed, Jan 06 2016 1:16 pm Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image Healthy Mouth

Extensive research shows xylitol to be safe and effective. For those who prefer not to use fluoride, xylitol is an alternative.


Himalayan Electric Salt Lamps

Wed, Jan 06 2016 1:21 pm Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image Himalayan Electric Salt Lamps

Our Himalayan salt lamps come in a variety of sizes as well as spheres, pyramids, rain drops, turtles, elephants and more.


If You've Got Pain, We've Got Help

Wed, Jan 06 2016 1:25 pm Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image If You've Got Pain, We've Got Help

We'd like to tell you about several excellent products that have all been proven in clinical studies to support and balance the body's natural inflammation response.


Local Vendor Month

Wed, Jan 06 2016 1:41 pm Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image Local Vendor Month

Balanced Green Energy Food is a blend of eleven raw, organic nutrient-dense superfoods with no fillers, sweeteners, gluten or GMOs.


MegaFood From Farm To Tablet

Wed, Jan 06 2016 1:47 pm Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image MegaFood From Farm To Tablet

MegaFood's FoodState concentrates deliver vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and enzymes, providing complete nourishment in easy to digest gentle on the stomach tablets.


MegaFood Supplements

Wed, Jan 06 2016 1:48 pm Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image MegaFood Supplements

Megafood FoodState® supplements are as close to food as a supplement can be since they are made from complex, phytonutrient-rich whole foods with the food matrix and vitality still intact, providing complete, self-contained nutrition.


New Clean Sports Nutrition Lines

Wed, Jan 06 2016 1:59 pm Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image New Clean Sports Nutrition Lines

Evergreen Nutrition is pleased to launch a section devoted to Sports Nutrition. In addition to protein and amino acid products we have carried previously, we are featuring several product lines new to us.


Supplements In The News

Wed, Jan 06 2016 2:39 pm Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image Supplements In The News

We would like to assure our customers that the products you buy at Evergreen Nutrition are high quality and truly identified.


Take The 14-Day Digest Challenge

Wed, Jan 06 2016 2:40 pm Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image Take The 14-Day Digest Challenge

Enzymedica uses a variety of plant-based enzymes that assist our natural digestive processes in the acidic stomach environment and also in the alkaline small intestine where most nutrient absorption occurs.


Take The Challenge & Improve Digestion

Wed, Jan 06 2016 2:42 pm Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image Take The Challenge & Improve Digestion

To take The Challenge, simply take one or more high-potency Digest Gold capsules with each meal for two weeks, then see if you notice less digestive distress, improved regularity and increased energy as the food you eat is being assimilated more effectively.


Unhyped, But Noteworthy, Superfoods

Wed, Jun 01 2016 2:17 pm Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image Unhyped, But Noteworthy, Superfoods

Naturally it makes sense that the food in question be nutrient-dense, presumably containing antioxidants and beneficial phytochemicals. 


Vectomega Omega-3 Compex

Wed, Jan 06 2016 2:47 pm Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image Vectomega Omega-3 Compex

Vectomega from EuroPharma is easy to take: just one tablet (smaller than a one-gram fish oil softgel) is equivalent to more than eight capsules of fish oil and more than six ounces of salmon.


Vectomega: A One-Daily Omega-3 Supplement

Wed, Jan 06 2016 2:50 pm Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image Vectomega: A One-Daily Omega-3 Supplement

There are documented studies showing Vectomega’s beneficial effect on total cholesterol, triglyceride and HDL levels and its neuroprotective activity in the brain including improvements in memory, concentration and quality of sleep.


Vitamin C Whole-Food vs. Ascorbic Acid

Thu, Apr 28 2016 11:57 am Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image Vitamin C Whole-Food vs. Ascorbic Acid

There are many different kinds of whole food vitamin C available, ranging from powders of C-rich superfruits such as camu-camu or acerola cherry to blends of these fruits in a capsule to food-grown vitamin C, which begins as ascorbic acid but is "grown into" a nutritional yeast matrix and becomes a C-rich food. All of these products confer the benefits of bioflavonoid co-factors, and some of the superfuit powders, while quantifying the amount of vitamin C present, also contain naturally occurring additional nutrients.


Vitamin D Emerging Information

Thu, Mar 10 2016 3:53 pm Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image Vitamin D Emerging Information

Vitamin D is one of the most researched nutrients in recent years, with new information appearing constantly. The importance of this nutrient for human health cannot be overstated.


What is Fucoxanthin?

Wed, Jan 06 2016 2:51 pm Blog   Supplements    Comments
Image What is Fucoxanthin?

Although it’s not fully understood how fucoxanthin works, it appears to stimulate the expression of uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1 also known as thermogenin) which promotes thermogenesis in white fat cells.


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