Fish Oil

Evergreen Nutrition features many excellent fish oils and we'd like to tell you about a few that have something special to offer.

Flu Fighters

At Evergreen Nutrition we want you to stay healthy all winter long, so here are some tips to help you be a flu fighter.

Free Radicals and Inflammation

Inflammation is a part of the body's natural healing process, it is only when the inflammatory process becomes excessive and prolonged that problems arise. Silent chronic inflammation is now known to be an underlying factor in most debilitating diseases.

Friends And Gifts From The Hive

As if pollinating crops weren’t enough, we may thank bees as well for their hive gifts of raw honey, pollen and propolis, all three valuable superfoods/herbal substances in their own right.

GMOs: Your Right To Know

Do you think you have a right to know what's on the dinner plate? If so, check out Oregon Right To Know, an organization that is working to make GMO labeling mandatory on food. This is not a ban. It's about choice.

Good News! More Good News and Something Interesting

Developed by Dr. Andrew Abraham, a physician and cancer survivor, ORGAIN is a nutritionally balanced blend of organic ingredients including 16 grams of protein from whey and brown rice, omega-3 fatty acids and only 13 grams of sugar (compared to over 20 grams in other brands)

Got Pain? Get Curcumin!

 CURCUMIN is one of the curcuminoids found in turmeric, but if you are looking for therapeutic action, it is best to use supplemental turmeric which has been standardized for 95% curcuminoids.

Green Coffee Bean: Weight Loss & Longevity

Green coffee bean decreases the metabolic processes that lead to obesity due to its high concentration of chlorogenic acid and polyphenols which are lost when the beans are roasted.

Happy, Healthy New Year!

See FLU FIGHTERS (Feb. 2013) for more ideas on beating influenza the natural way with respiratory support from UMCKA (Pelargonium sioides) as well as other herbs, nutrients and even SALT LAMPS. Check it out.

Healthy Bones: Strong & Flexible

Additionally, plants and bones contain a naturally balanced complex of minerals which, in conjunction with vitamins D and K and physical activity, help to ensure that our bones will remain strong and flexible.

Healthy Brain Development & Focus

Some children have an easier time than others at concentrating on schoolwork, but regardless of their attention spans there are some integral nutritional supplements from which all kids may benefit.

Healthy Mouth

Extensive research shows xylitol to be safe and effective. For those who prefer not to use fluoride, xylitol is an alternative.

Himalayan Electric Salt Lamps

Our Himalayan salt lamps come in a variety of sizes as well as spheres, pyramids, rain drops, turtles, elephants and more.

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

The warm glow of Himalayan salt lamps offer positive effects from negative ions.


Homeopathy is a natural system of healing. It uses minute doses of a substance that with huge doses in healthy people will produce the specific symptoms which are similar to those of the disease

How To Improve Your Prostate Health

Enlarged prostate causes frequent, painful urination, incontinence and impaired sexual performance.

If You've Got Pain, We've Got Help

We'd like to tell you about several excellent products that have all been proven in clinical studies to support and balance the body's natural inflammation response.

Inflammation: The Fire Within

In fact, the Center for Disease Control says chronic inflammation is at the root of our most deadly diseases including cancer, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

At this time of year many of us are determined to make positive changes in our lives. Whether you are trying to lose weight, quit smoking or exercise regularly, Evergreen Nutrition has products that can help you.

Life-Flo Transdermal Hormones Really Get Under Your Skin

Evergreen Nutrition has recently expanded our selection of LIFE-FLO transdermal hormones and we’d like to take a moment to tell you about a few of them.

Local Vendor Month

Balanced Green Energy Food is a blend of eleven raw, organic nutrient-dense superfoods with no fillers, sweeteners, gluten or GMOs.

Maca, Superfood Superstar, Part II

Spice up your life with maca!

Maca: Superfood Superstar, Part I

Maca's effects on stress, libido and fertility, and hormone balance are the most well-known properties and we will explore each of these areas.

Medicinal Mushrooms: Cordyceps & Maitake

Evergreen Nutrition offers a variety of medicinal mushrooms including several organically grown in Washington by Fungi Perfecti/Host Defense.

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