Local Vendor Month

Balanced Green Energy Food is a blend of eleven raw, organic nutrient-dense superfoods with no fillers, sweeteners, gluten or GMOs.

Maca, Superfood Superstar, Part II

Spice up your life with maca!

Maca: Superfood Superstar, Part I

Maca's effects on stress, libido and fertility, and hormone balance are the most well-known properties and we will explore each of these areas.

Medicinal Mushrooms: Cordyceps & Maitake

Evergreen Nutrition offers a variety of medicinal mushrooms including several organically grown in Washington by Fungi Perfecti/Host Defense.

MegaFood From Farm To Tablet

MegaFood's FoodState concentrates deliver vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and enzymes, providing complete nourishment in easy to digest gentle on the stomach tablets.

MegaFood Supplements

Megafood FoodState® supplements are as close to food as a supplement can be since they are made from complex, phytonutrient-rich whole foods with the food matrix and vitality still intact, providing complete, self-contained nutrition.

Men's Health: Dads and Grads

A good way for men of any age to cover their nutritional bases is with a quality multivitamin. Food-grown multivitamin formulas are a particularly good choice for their ease of use and absorption

Mushrooms For Immunity

The medicinal mushrooms all share the common feature of cell wall polysaccharides—particularly the beta-glucans. These compounds act as "awakeners" of the immune system, activating macrophages and natural killer cells, thereby improving immune function.

Nasal Irrigation

Nasal irrigation (also called nasal lavage) requires a solution of 0.9% salinity to approximate the amount of salt found in our blood.

Nature's Virus Fighters

This month we will tell you about some of Nature's best antivirals. Some do double-duty, fighting both bacterial and viral infections.

New Clean Sports Nutrition Lines

Evergreen Nutrition is pleased to launch a section devoted to Sports Nutrition. In addition to protein and amino acid products we have carried previously, we are featuring several product lines new to us.

New Vendor From Eugene!

We'd like to introduce you to KEYS, our newest skin care line. It's made right here in Eugene from high quality, functional, natural ingredients so no chemical dictionary required.

Novel Weight Loss Strategies

In the last several years a lot of exciting new research has arisen on various health benefits of probiotics. One of the more interesting effects revealed recently was the possibility of certain probiotic bacteria strains to assist in weight loss.

Nutrition & Inflammation

The inflammatory process in the body is inextricably linked with diet and nutrition. One major factor in chronic inflammation, whether joint or muscle pain or a more general systemic condition, is the acid/alkaline balance in the body.

Nutrition For Heart Health

Two of the unassailable superstars of heart health are the mineral magnesium and the vitamin-like substance Coenzyme Q10.

Operating Your Immune System At Peak Efficiency

Each of our knowledgeable Evergreen staff has useful ideas to help you and your loved ones boost your immune systems. Call us at 541-485-5100 today and avoid getting the cold or flu this season!

Relieving Joint Pain Naturally

Health concerns over pharmaceutical pain relievers have brought many people into Evergreen looking for natural alternatives to treat arthritis and joint pain.

Safe Natural Skin Care

We have several very clean lines of skin, hair and body care products from companies that take pride in the purity and safety of their ingredients.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

During the winter months when days are markedly shorter and temperatures drop below comfort level, many people may feel sad or down, chalking it up to "the winter blahs" or simply a pining for the sun

Secrets for Staying Calm in These Highly Stressful Times

Adaptogenic herbs have restorative abilities that modulate your stress response; they have the unique ability to either stimulate or sedate depending on your body’s needs.

Sleep & Stress Help

Herb Pharm, from Williams, Oregon, has several liquid extracts that can help with relaxation and sleep.

Spring Cleaning

At Evergreen Nutrition we recommend detoxifying all seven systems of elimination: bowel, liver, blood, lymphatic system, kidneys, lungs and skin.

Supplements In The News

We would like to assure our customers that the products you buy at Evergreen Nutrition are high quality and truly identified.

Take The 14-Day Digest Challenge

Enzymedica uses a variety of plant-based enzymes that assist our natural digestive processes in the acidic stomach environment and also in the alkaline small intestine where most nutrient absorption occurs.

Take The Challenge & Improve Digestion

To take The Challenge, simply take one or more high-potency Digest Gold capsules with each meal for two weeks, then see if you notice less digestive distress, improved regularity and increased energy as the food you eat is being assimilated more effectively.

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