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  • Image Tony Towne

    I grew up in Creswell with a love of the woods, sports and books. I went to Lane Community College and on to Oregon State earning a degree in forest management.

  • Image Carolyn Clearwater

    Nutrition and holistic health have been long time interests for me. Iíve been at Evergreen Nutrition for over 18 years.

  • Image Paula Lee

    Paula became interested in herbs and natural remedies as a teenager when she picked up a copy of Jethro Kloss's classic herbal, Back to Eden, thinking it was a novel.

  • Image Kelley Vahradian

    Born in Syracuse, N.Y. and raised in Southern California, I migrated to Oregon in the late 70s. Living in the small coastal town of Port Orford, there were few options for organic food or natural health alternatives. After belonging to a food buying club for 10 years, I joined 3 others to start a natural foods grocery store.

  • Image Paul Richard

    Originally from New York, Paul has called the Pacific Northwest home for 20 years. His interest in nutrition and herbalism was honed partly here at Evergreen Nutrition where many years ago he would spend hours wistfully admiring the selection of products.

  • Image Melissa Sue Brewer

    I grew up in Arizona and was a very active child, always on the move. I could spend hours outside enjoying the world around me. Iíve had an early interest in herbology, comes from my grandmother and my mother. I believe that good health is important for the body, mind and spirit connection.

  • Reviews

    Image 5.0 stars out of 5

    Work great!

    Tried this product after someone recommended it. Have to say, since I started using these drops, my allergy attacks have subsided dramatically. Previously, at least once a day, I would get hit all at once with runny nose, watery eyes, and a bad cough. Usually at just the wrong time, quiet room, concert, etc. Those kinds of attacks are now rare, and the only thing I've done differently is take these drops. Before I moved here, I was never allergic to anything and have lived a lot of places, many states and overseas. Glad my wife and I found these drops, I recommend them to others and keep a good supply on hand.

    Reviewed Thu, May 02 2019 4:07 pm by
    Image 5.0 stars out of 5

    Life saver

    Thank you, Evergreen Nutrition, you are amazing, with a large variety of herbs to chose from, I have exactly what was needed to maintain my everyday life again. I wouldn't go any place else. Sweetest staff ever with great knowledge.

    Reviewed Thu, Mar 16 2017 10:42 am by
    Image 4.0 stars out of 5

    Works well

    I wasn't sure about this product at first, but I'm glad I purchase it! Works well and I'd definitely recommend it to a friend.

    Reviewed Tue, Aug 02 2016 4:51 am by
    Image 5.0 stars out of 5

    Review of Swedish bitters

    Excellent in restoring health after a year of pain in the tummy that could not be diagnosed following blood tests and scans.

    Reviewed Tue, Feb 19 2019 3:34 am by
    Image 5.0 stars out of 5

    Thyroid Strength

    I work at Evergreen Nutrition and want to let people know about MegaFood's Thyroid Strength. It is helping to support my thyroid function to the point that I am gradually reducing the Levothyroxine dose (under a doctor's care). Blood tests confirm what I can feel. This is an excellent product!

    Reviewed Mon, Mar 07 2016 9:16 am by


    Make a Wish ó WishGarden Herbal Remedies

    An exciting new addition to our herbal extract section is Colorado's WishGarden Herbal Remedies. Many customers have requested these products, and now we are proud to carry six of their best-selling formulas, each available in two sizes.

    Symphony Natural Health: Distinctive Products

    Symphony controls every stage of production of their plant-based products, from seed to shelf. Through scientifically researched species and phenotypes as well as testing soil, geographic location and climatic conditions to customized harvesting and manufacturing processes for each individual herb based on its specific biology and chemistry, they ensure the highest quality

    Bacterial Defense- Powerful Protection Against Bad Bacteria

    "Bacterial Defense contains plants that naturally target and kill bad bacteria, and help maintain a healthful balance (homeostasis) among the bacteria that populate the interior and the exterior of the human body."

    Novel Approaches to Urinary, Prostate & Ovary Support

    Women and men of any age may be affected by urinary issues, including sudden urgency, stress and activity leaks, bed-wetting, and accidental leakage. Luckily, two new products have recently been introduced which may offer relief and a resolution of symptoms.

    Confusion Over Black Pepper Extract

    In a recent newsletter, we spoke about the possible downsides to the use of concentrated black pepper extracts, namely BioPerineģ, the most widely-used, trademarked product.

    New Research on Turmeric & Black Pepper

    For quite some time now, turmeric/curcumin products have been one of the most popular items in the herb section wherever one finds supplements. It is easy to see why this popularity shows no sign of waning, with the myriad applications this substance has for health conditions ranging from joint inflammation to liver support to brain health. In this newsletter we will look at some of the most recent (and eye-opening) research available on this herbal superstar.

    Zorb Provides EMF Protection

    The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the World Health Organization (WHO), has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans, based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer, and associated with wireless (cellular) phone use.

    Folate Forms & Functions

    Folate is probably best known for its role in the development of neural tube tissue into healthy fetal brains and spinal cords.

    Tradition + Modern Science = Redd Synergy

    Redd formulates for synergy to help bring the body back into balance. The objective is to nourish and support, not stimulate, push or suppress. 

    Mushrooms Help Give Bees a Chance

    Bee pollination contributes to 80% of plant species worldwide; 30% of our food is directly pollinated by bees and 70% of our is food controlled by pollinators.

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