Melatonin: Not Just for Sleep Anymore! Part 1

Arguably the most popular and well-known supplement for sleep aside from the herb valerian, the hormone melatonin has been extensively studied for many years. In recent years research has revealed this key hormone to be more important and vital to human physiology than ever suspected.

Go packs: Ready to Go Now!

With the recent devastating, catastrophic wildfires impacting Lane county communities, many local residents have become concerned with putting together Go-bags" as well as having provisions set aside for other natural disasters /emergencies.

Stress, Anxiety & Your Microbiome

We play host to trillions of organisms who, in turn, help keep us happy and healthy.

Stress Wreaks Havoc on the Body

By now, most people understand that the mind and body (and gut -more about that later) are very closely linked and influence the other's health and functioning on many levels.

Preserve Your Prostate, Improve Your Performance

One of the best botanicals for enhancing libido is red ginseng(Panax ginseng). Ginseng activates nitric oxide – the body’s “on switch” molecule that promotes energy,

Sucontral® D: Clinically Validated Blood Sugar Support*†

If you find that maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is an important personal goal, consider adding Sucontral® D to your daily regimen.

The Mineral Boron

This little-known mineral has big potential for human health.

Staff Faves for Immune Health

Evergreen Nutrition staff members, working with the public as we do, are well-versed in supplements for immune support and health. 

Vitamin D & Viral Respiratory Infections

Research on the benefits of vitamin D is ongoing. The known and accepted mechanisms/roles of this vitamin are too numerous for this article to mention in depth, but recent research has focused on the vitamin's influence in immunity, and specifically in respiratory tract health.

SilverSol Antibacterial Silver

Colloidal (ionic) silver has positive silver ions that can steal electrons from the cell membrane of bacteria causing the membrane to rupture.  

Coronavirus: Some Ideas for You

Although there is officially no treatment or prevention of coronovirus, you can take measures to minimize your chances of getting sick.

Blue Light Safety: Prospek Glasses & More

Protecting your eyes against harmful blue light is important in this digital age. Let us help you choose the products that are right for you and your family.

Folate Forms & Functions

Folate is probably best known for its role in the development of neural tube tissue into healthy fetal brains and spinal cords.

Tradition + Modern Science = Redd Synergy

Redd formulates for synergy to help bring the body back into balance. The objective is to nourish and support, not stimulate, push or suppress. 

Mushrooms Help Give Bees a Chance

Bee pollination contributes to 80% of plant species worldwide; 30% of our food is directly pollinated by bees and 70% of our is food controlled by pollinators.

Major Minerals: Seven Things You Can’t Live Without

Because minerals serve so many important functions in our bodies, it is important to get them in adequate amounts. Eating a varied, whole-food diet rich in vegetables is a good start. However, the mineral content of food depends on the minerals in the soil in which the food is grown or where the animals graze. So consider focusing on eating organic food since organic farming returns nutrients, including minerals, to the soil.

Supplements for Quitting Smoking

Chemically and physiologically, nicotine does a real number on the body creating an imbalance in neurotransmitters, affecting dopamine, acetylcholine and GABA. Even adrenalin, a profound stimulant, will not match the stimulatory craving of nicotine.

Leaky Gut? Restore Your Defenses!

Intestinal permeability, or leaky gut syndrome, is a complicated, poorly understood digestive ailment. It is characterized by the inability of the intestines to prevent the leakage of large particles across the intestinal barrier into the bloodstream.

Avocados, Almonds & Blueberries, Oh My!

More people than ever today are recognizing the importance of a whole-food diet for health and longevity. A quick search of trending topics on social media and the internet will reveal the interest in "getting back to" or beginning a diet/lifestyle featuring foods as whole/wholesome, unprocessed, and nutritious as possible.

Take a Peek at Microminerals

Although needed in very tiny amounts, microminerals play a vitally important part in nearly all of our physiological processes.

Seasonal Allergy Support

The beauty of spring and summer in the Willamette Valley seems to have just one drawback: the abundance of airborne allergens thanks to the profusion of grasses, shrubs, and trees here. Many people suffer from a large variety of symptoms, whether from one particular source or a combination. Some of these symptoms can be quite severe, leading to misery of a kind during certain months.

Women's Heart Disease Risks/Symptoms

 It is well-known that in the USA, CVD is the leading killer of men. What is not so well-known is that CVD is the leading killer of women aged 50 and older. It is also not common knowledge that there are substantial gender differences in not only the prevalence of these diseases, but also in the signs and symptoms of CVD.

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 is possibly the most well-known of the B family of vitamins. Even orthodox medical practitioners recognize its importance in treating pernicious anemia, for example.

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