Supports Digestive and Immune Health Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Men is a RAW, full spectrum, whole food probiotic formula...
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Supports Digestive and Immune Health Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Men 50 & Wiser is a RAW, full spectrum, whole...
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Men's Multi with Extras Menís Once Daily is tailored for the nutritional needs of the adult male. It provides basic...
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Promotes Healthy Prostate & Normal Urine Flow A new approach to prostate health. As men age, they require more support...
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Supports Healthy Prostate & Normal Urine FlowShelf Stable Formula A new approach to prostate health. As men age, they require...
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Digestive + Immune System Once Daily Menís is a shelf stable probiotic formulated by Dr. Perlmutter for strong support of...
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RAW Food-Created Nutrients with Code Factors In developing Vitamin Code Menís Formula, Garden of Lifeģ paid particular attention to the...
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Whole-Food Live Probiotics Probiotic All-Flora delivers 5 billion CFU (colony forming units) of friendly bacteria and 5 billion CFU of...
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Probiotics: It's a Team Effort - Part 1

Beneficial bacteria make up about 70% of our immune defenses with most of the defending happening in the gut.

Probiotics for Women & Children

Probiotics can be helpful for a variety of ailments from PMS to thrush to colic and can be especially helpful for babies delivered by C-section or who are formula fed.

100 % Whole-Food Supplements

100% whole-food supplements contain nutrients the way they exist in nature: complete phytonutrients with synergistic cofactors intact which you donít get from isolated fractions. 

Novel Weight Loss Strategies

In the last several years a lot of exciting new research has arisen on various health benefits of probiotics. One of the more interesting effects revealed recently was the possibility of certain probiotic bacteria strains to assist in weight loss.

Probiotics: It's a Team Effort - Part 2

Like a football team with its separate offensive and defensive sides and positions, our symbiotic ďteamĒ of probiotics is also multifaceted. We have Lactobacillus organisms and Bifidobacteria (plus some others) throughout our bodies.

Supports Bone, Breast, Prostate & Immune System Health Why Do I Need Vitamin D?As Vitamin D deficiency has become more...
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Immune, Heart, Digestive & Energy SupportExpertly formulated to support the holistic health needs of men aged 55 and over, including...
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A Plethora of Protein Powders

A wide variety of options exists nowadays for consumers wishing to supplement with protein powders. 

Celiac & Gluten Intolerance, Part Two

People with Celiac Disease/Gluten Sensitivity (CD/GS) have unique nutritional needs. Initially many people suffer from malabsorption and dysbiosis due to damage to the small intestine where most nutrient absorption occurs.

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