Healthy Bones: Strong & Flexible

Additionally, plants and bones contain a naturally balanced complex of minerals which, in conjunction with vitamins D and K and physical activity, help to ensure that our bones will remain strong and flexible.

Bone Building

Bones are not static, they are constantly being remodeled by the processes of resorption (breaking down) and deposition (building up).

COMB: Micronutrients for Bone Health

A Canadian study, dubbed the COMB study (Combination of Micronutrients for Bone), shows compelling evidence for certain micronutrient combinations for bone health. 

Major Minerals: Seven Things You Canít Live Without

Because minerals serve so many important functions in our bodies, it is important to get them in adequate amounts. Eating a varied, whole-food diet rich in vegetables is a good start. However, the mineral content of food depends on the minerals in the soil in which the food is grown or where the animals graze. So consider focusing on eating organic food since organic farming returns nutrients, including minerals, to the soil.

Mighty Magnesium

Relieve muscle tension and stress, feed your heart and sleep better all with mighty magnesium, the unsung hero of minerals!

Healthy Mouth

Extensive research shows xylitol to be safe and effective. For those who prefer not to use fluoride, xylitol is an alternative.

Vaccine Detox

With the particularly virulent influenza virus currently making the rounds, many people are seeking to protect themselves by receiving an influenza vaccination. In this newsletter we will explore some of ways one may detoxify the body from the heavy metals and other deleterious compounds in vaccines.

Unhyped, But Noteworthy, Superfoods

Naturally it makes sense that the food in question be nutrient-dense, presumably containing antioxidants and beneficial phytochemicals. 

Silica: Deeper Than Skin

True beauty springs from within. Let us show you how silica can help you maintain strong bones, flexible joints, radiant skin, lustrous hair and strong nails that reflect your inner health.

Women's Heart Disease Risks/Symptoms

 It is well-known that in the USA, CVD is the leading killer of men. What is not so well-known is that CVD is the leading killer of women aged 50 and older. It is also not common knowledge that there are substantial gender differences in not only the prevalence of these diseases, but also in the signs and symptoms of CVD.

Celiac & Gluten Intolerance, Part Two

People with Celiac Disease/Gluten Sensitivity (CD/GS) have unique nutritional needs. Initially many people suffer from malabsorption and dysbiosis due to damage to the small intestine where most nutrient absorption occurs.

Maca: Superfood Superstar, Part I

Maca's effects on stress, libido and fertility, and hormone balance are the most well-known properties and we will explore each of these areas.

Take a Peek at Microminerals

Although needed in very tiny amounts, microminerals play a vitally important part in nearly all of our physiological processes.

Vitamin D Emerging Information

Vitamin D is one of the most researched nutrients in recent years, with new information appearing constantly. The importance of this nutrient for human health cannot be overstated.

Triphala: The Importance of a Mother

In India there is a saying that the importance of triphala is that of a mother. Its uses may be simplified as purification, cleansing, and detoxification, especially of the digestive tract. These actions affect health on many more levels, however.

MSM: Deeper Than Skin

Beauty is more than skin deep. Inner health is reflected in outer beauty and grace. Take a look at how sulfur from MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) can help create beauty from within.

Nutrition & Inflammation

The inflammatory process in the body is inextricably linked with diet and nutrition. One major factor in chronic inflammation, whether joint or muscle pain or a more general systemic condition, is the acid/alkaline balance in the body.

Nopal Cactus

Prickly pear cactus, also known as opuntia, and nopal (in its native Mexico), is an edible cactus with a long history of culinary and folk-medicine use.

To Sleep Perchance to Dream

The Sleep section at Evergreen Nutrition receives a staggering amount of customer attention. Many, many people coming into the store report an inability to sleep properly, or attain a sufficient night's sleep. Everyone at some point understands how a poor night's sleep (or no sleep at all) has many detrimental consequences. It is not an exaggeration to say that sleep is absolutely essential for mind and body (and vital health). According to a study by the National Sleep Foundation, 40 million Americans suffer from a variety of 70 different sleep disorders. Sixty percent of adults reported problems sleeping a few days out of the week. So, you are not alone!

Supplements for Quitting Smoking

Chemically and physiologically, nicotine does a real number on the body creating an imbalance in neurotransmitters, affecting dopamine, acetylcholine and GABA. Even adrenalin, a profound stimulant, will not match the stimulatory craving of nicotine.

Spring Cleaning

At Evergreen Nutrition we recommend detoxifying all seven systems of elimination: bowel, liver, blood, lymphatic system, kidneys, lungs and skin.

Celiac & Gluten Intolerance, Part One

If undiagnosed or untreated, CD can cause damage to the small intestine and may pave the way to other autoimmune disorders as well as many other serious conditions.

Probiotics: It's a Team Effort - Part 1

Beneficial bacteria make up about 70% of our immune defenses with most of the defending happening in the gut.

Coronavirus: Some Ideas for You

Although there is officially no treatment or prevention of coronovirus, you can take measures to minimize your chances of getting sick.

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