Daily Neti Pot BoostThe mucous membranes that line our nasal passages provide protection from pathogens, allergens and other harmful substances...
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Cold/Flu Blend, For Use With Neti Pot Customers love that Infused Salt Rinse keeps colds and infections at bay. This...
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Additive Free, 200+ Scoops of Salt20% More Free99.99% Pure Non-Iodized SaltNo Additives or Anti-Caking AgentsPharmaceutical Grade100% Biodegradable PLA Jar and...
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Retail: $8.04
Natural Solutions for Supporting the Nasal Cavity Our beautiful high-fire ceramic neti pot is handcrafted in the U.S. 100% lead-free,...
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Nasal Irrigation

Nasal irrigation (also called nasal lavage) requires a solution of 0.9% salinity to approximate the amount of salt found in our blood.

Colds/Allergies, Chronic Congestion Great for chronic sinus conditionsStrengthens immune function to fight colds and allergiesStrongest blend of essential oil decongestantsFormulated...
Evergreen's Price: $22.25
Iodine: The Forgotten Mineral

After the introduction of pharmaceutical drugs, the highly antimicrobial mineral iodine was largely forgotten. However, the germ-killing aspects of iodine are just one of its many benefits.

Happy, Healthy New Year!

See FLU FIGHTERS (Feb. 2013) for more ideas on beating influenza the natural way with respiratory support from UMCKA (Pelargonium sioides) as well as other herbs, nutrients and even SALT LAMPS. Check it out.

Himalayan Electric Salt Lamps

Our Himalayan salt lamps come in a variety of sizes as well as spheres, pyramids, rain drops, turtles, elephants and more.

Seasonal Allergy Support

The beauty of spring and summer in the Willamette Valley seems to have just one drawback: the abundance of airborne allergens thanks to the profusion of grasses, shrubs, and trees here. Many people suffer from a large variety of symptoms, whether from one particular source or a combination. Some of these symptoms can be quite severe, leading to misery of a kind during certain months.

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