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Megafood FoodState® supplements are as close to food as a supplement can be since they are made from complex, phytonutrient-rich whole foods with the food matrix and vitality still intact, providing complete, self-contained nutrition.

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Thyroid Strength

I work at Evergreen Nutrition and want to let people know about MegaFood's Thyroid Strength. It is helping to support my thyroid function to the point that I am gradually reducing the Levothyroxine dose (under a doctor's care). Blood tests confirm what I can feel. This is an excellent product!

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Support Gut Health / Reduce Stress & Fatigue MegaFood's uniquely curated probiotic strains help build your foundation to good health....
Evergreen's Price: $35.96
Supports Urinary Tract Health MegaFood's uniquely curated probiotic strains help build your foundation to good health. That’s why they offer...
Evergreen's Price: $40.48
MegaFood From Farm To Tablet

MegaFood's FoodState concentrates deliver vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and enzymes, providing complete nourishment in easy to digest gentle on the stomach tablets.

Support Daily Digestive Health Help your digestive system go with the flow with MegaFood Digestive Health Probiotics. This uniquely curated...
Evergreen's Price: $26.99
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With Maca, Chaste Tree Berry & Ashwagandha Elevate your day! As delicious and good for you as smoothies, shakes, greens,...
Evergreen's Price: $22.50
Healthy Immune Function These uniquely curated probiotic strains help build your foundation to good health. MegaFood Immune Defense Shelf-Stable Probiotics...
Evergreen's Price: $35.96
Healthy Energy Production Get up and go with MegaFood Energy Shelf-Stable Probiotics. Uniquely curated with probiotic strains to help build...
Evergreen's Price: $35.96
Supports Optimal Health & Well-Being Yep, you are “every woman.” You’re 55 or over, you’ve seen a lot and you...
Evergreen's Price: $35.96
Helps Maintain Strong Bones1,000 IU Vitamin D with Vitamin C.500 mg Calcium, 300 mg magnesium — essential bone health minerals.Vitamin...
Evergreen's Price: $38.70
Supports Health & Well-Being Vitamins A, C & E to support healthy eyes Zinc and B Vitamins to support normal...
Evergreen's Price: $63.00
Supports the Health of Mother & Developing Child Health of Baby 600 mcg Folate supports healthy development of childCholine for...
Evergreen's Price: $36.00
20 Billion CFU of Naturally Occurring Intestinal Probiotics MegaFlora is a probiotic from MegaFood that will help you maintain a...
Evergreen's Price: $63.56
Supports Immune Health When the temperature starts to drop it’s important to make sure your immune system doesn't! MegaFood Acute...
Evergreen's Price: $17.98
Promotes Healthy Aging & Well-Being Supports the health of cells and tissues prior to and after workout/physical activity. Helps maintain...
Evergreen's Price: $23.75
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Balanced Green Energy Food is a blend of eleven raw, organic nutrient-dense superfoods with no fillers, sweeteners, gluten or GMOs.

GMOs: Your Right To Know

Do you think you have a right to know what's on the dinner plate? If so, check out Oregon Right To Know, an organization that is working to make GMO labeling mandatory on food. This is not a ban. It's about choice.

Whole Food Multivitamin & Mineral Dietary SupplementWholesome nourishment in a convenient one tablet daily formula; Herb free.Balanced ratio of Megafood's...
Evergreen's Price: $57.40
100 % Whole-Food Supplements

100% whole-food supplements contain nutrients the way they exist in nature: complete phytonutrients with synergistic cofactors intact which you don’t get from isolated fractions. 

Whole Food Nutrients One Daily Iron Free is made only from wholesome, all natural ingredients with no preservatives. Whole food...
Evergreen's Price: $45.15
Fermented Foods & Herbs

Fermented foods and drinks have been around for literally thousands of years, imparting their benefits to humanity.

Why Choose Organic? The Hidden Dangers of Glyphosate

Glyphosate, a derivative of the amino acid glycine, is an herbicide developed for use on genetically modified (GM) crops. The “gly-“ part of glyphosate refers to the glycine-like chemical structure that enables glyphosate to insert itself into our glycine receptors and glycine-containing proteins thereby interfering with normal physiological function.

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 is possibly the most well-known of the B family of vitamins. Even orthodox medical practitioners recognize its importance in treating pernicious anemia, for example.

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