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Sail through Stress with Focus, Energy and Red Ginseng

Posted on by Evergreen Nutrition

Sail through Stress
with Focus, Energy & Red Ginseng

by Terry Lemerond, Founder and President of EuroPharma, Inc.

Stress does strange things to the way we think. It ratchets up cortisol levels and affects the regions in the brain (the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis) that tend to make us first more reactive, and then makes us feel exhausted. Stopping that chemical change is the first step to feeling more healthy energy and navigate daily challenges and stresses.

Although you may not be able to change the circumstances in your life, you can change your reaction to them. Red ginseng can help.

Red ginseng alters the way we react to stress by helping calm neurotransmitter activity, and balances cortisol levels in a way that helps us stay focused and alert. It also acts as an antioxidant, which protects brain cells from oxidative damage. This protective ability may also account for the way that red ginseng protects our cognitive processes and provides a feeling of calmness and control.

Red Ginseng

The actions that protect the brain from damage may also reduce symptoms of depression. A Korean clinical study found that red ginseng significantly improved depression symptoms, including those somatic symptoms – the physical “drag” that people suffering from depression so often feel.

While red ginseng has been used for centuries, there’s some recent developments that can make it dramatically more effective and much healthier than it has been in decades.

That’s because wild harvested ginseng – historically considered one of the world’s most valuable botanicals – is no longer a commercially viable option. In its place, there has been a surge of conventionally grown ginseng in Asia. However, those growing methods are tough on the environment. First, they use up many of nutrients in the soil. Secondly, clearing the land for increased production as a result eventually leads to deforestation. Third, the ginseng roots soak up pesticides and toxins. And fourth, ginseng is frequently processed with harsh chemicals.

However, the ginseng that I prefer is hydroponically grown without pesticides and carefully tended in ultra-clean conditions. Its roots are provided with the nutrients they need at exactly the right time and in exactly the right proportions. Just as importantly, the plants are challenged enough to concentrate levels of ginsenosides—especially rare, noble ginsenosides.

Red Ginseng Energy

In fact, this special process helps the ginseng deliver seven times the rare, noble ginsenosides than conventionally grown and processed ginseng supplements. And noble ginsenosides are important for true ginseng benefits. These compounds were a hallmark of wild-harvested ginseng, and may be responsible for much of the herb’s effects in years past. Additionally, they are up to 17 times better absorbed than classic ginsenosides.

Red Ginseng Male Enhancement

All of the attributes of the best red ginseng, including clean cultivation, traditional steaming (which give red ginseng its characteristic color and name), and a reliable source of specialized compounds, makes it the equivalent of 20-year old wild ginseng – something we haven’t seen in the United States for decades. And that could make an incredibly positive difference in your life.

Our Guest Writer

Terry Lemerond

Terry Lemerond is a natural health expert with over 45 years of experience. He has owned health food stores, founded dietary supplement companies, and formulated over 400 products. A much sought-after speaker and accomplished author, Terry shares his wealth of experience and knowledge in health and nutrition through his educational programs, including the Terry Talks Nutrition website, newsletters, podcasts, webinars, and personal speaking engagements. His books include Seven Keys to Vibrant Health and the sequel, Seven Keys to Unlimited Personal Achievement, and 50+ Natural Health Secrets Proven to Change Your Life. His continual dedication, energy, and zeal are part of his on-going mission — to improve the health of America.

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