Sweet Almond Oil

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Soothe Itchy Skin

Sweet almond oil (Prunus amygdalus var. dulcis) has a light, slightly sweet and nutty aroma. It has a clear, yellowish color and leaves the skin feeling slightly oily, but it is very lubricating and softening as well as nourishing. Since it does not penetrate the skin very well, it is a good massage oil and can be used undiluted. Sweet almond oil can go rancid quickly however, so don’t plan on stockpiling it unless you use a lot of it.

Sweet almond oil is rich in protein and contains Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E as well as, being a natural source of skin-protecting antioxidants.


  • For cosmetic use only.

Suggested Uses:

Massage, skin care or bath oil. Good for all skin types and is especially
good for itchy skin in need of added moisture. Especially good for eczema, helps relieve itching, soreness, dryness and inflammation Useful
against burns and thread veins.


Sweet almond oil, expeller pressed, naturally
deodorized and winterized.