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Deep Natural Relaxing Sleep, Wake Rested

If you are one of the 100 million plus people in the United States who suffer sleep deprivation be aware that inadequate sleep influences other areas of your life. Everything from work performance, mood, hypertension, weight gain, and premature aging can be linked to sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep cost our businesses billions in lost productivity each year, to indicate the size of this issue.

Good health starts with good sleep because like a battery your body needs time to recharge to perform at your max. Using an MBdisc Deep REM Sleep band at night along with an MBdisc Performance band during theday will provide the best of all world for those who understand we live in a toxic world and need a little help to cope.

Testing shows exciting results. Miracle Balance is committed to helping you get the rest you need. They are currently running Zeo Monitoring (ZQ) tests using the new sleep band. These ongoing tests are exciting. A 67 year old subject was getting the equivalent of a 30 year old deep sleep.

This is a significant increase in sleep quality using just the addition of the MBdisc Deep REM Sleep band. No drugs or chemicals. The advantage of this band over drug based sleep products is obvious – just listen to the list of side effect that show up in every drug commercial disclaimer.

Miracle Balance product disclaimers are simple, there are no side effects known and MBdiscs and bands are totally non-invasive and all natural.

Please note size:

The small Sleep Bracelet is 6.5 inches. Measure around your wrist where the Sleep Bracelets will be worn. It should be a bit loose on the wrist — dangle like a bangle!

Additional information

Weight 0.12 oz

Suggested Use:

Put your MB disc sleep bracelet on before you go to sleep. Can be worn on left or right wrist. Make sure bracelet is loose and comfortable on your wrist. The Sleep Bracelet is strictly to be worn before going to bed, and not during waking hours.
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