Apricot Oil

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Nourishing Oil for All Skin Types

Apricot oil (Prunus armeniaca) is a clear oil with a slight yellowish tint and a faint aroma. Apricot oil can be used undiluted, but its semi-oily texture may be more appealing when used at 10% to 50% in massage blends. This oil is softening, protecting and rejuvenating to the skin.

Apricot oil is very rich and nourishing. It contains vitamins, especially Vitamins A and B, and minerals.


  • For cosmetic use only.

Suggested Uses:

Use as a massage, skin care or bath oil for all skin types. It is also helpful for prematurely
aged, sensitive, inflamed, delicate or dry skin.


Apricot oil, expeller pressed and deodorized.