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Cell Super Food Fulvic Acid Minerals


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Nature's Most Powerful Organic Electrolyte & Antioxidant

Fulvic Acid Minerals is a Humic substance and/or extract which appears to be the end product of nature’s process that is involved in the ultimate breakdown and recycling of most once-living plant matter.

Fulvic Acid Minerals deliver substantial amounts of nutrients and minerals and their living energies into living cells, oxygenating the blood. It is called nature’s most powerful organic electrolyte, antioxidant, and one of nature’s most aggressive free radical scavengers; also providing naturally occurring trace minerals and amino acids. Fulvic super~oxygenates the blood, this is why athletes love it. Fulvic is a catalyst which will drive all nutrients to a deeper cellular level, accelerating health and healing.

Specific nutrients have been missing from our soils for generations due to the abuse of chemicals in farming. This decline is correlated with the explosion of chronic degenerative diseases that afflict us today. Fulvic Acid, a precious component of humic acid, is known as the only element capable of making nutrients bioactive on the cellular level. Fulvic Acid Minerals is now widely accepted as the missing nutritional link in human health.

Fulvic Acid Minerals contains 72 naturally occurring trace minerals, all major electrolytes and 15 amino acids. A 4 ounce bottle contains 48 servings at 1/2 teaspoon (10 sprays) each.


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Not for use by pregnant or nursing women.
  • Do not take within one hour of any medications.
  • Not for oral use.

Suggested Use:

Start slowly, detox symptoms may occur (flu-like symptoms). Start with 1 spray. Add 1 spray every 2 days until you reach 5 sprays morning and evening, for a total of 10 sprays daily. If you feel you are healthy, you can start with 2-3 sprays. Use only in non-chlorinated water. Add to Balanced Green Energy Food, any liquid or spray on veggies. Whatever you spray Fulvic on, their nutrients will have the ability to go deeper into the cells.

Supplement Facts:
Per Serving:% DV:
Fulvic Acid1,800 mg*
*Daily value not established.

Proprietary Blend: 3.8% pure Fulvic Acid (Humic Acid) and distilled water.

Naturally Occurring: 72 Essential Trace Minerals, all major electrolytes and 15 amino acids.


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