Tooth Builder Sensitive Toothpaste

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Tooth Builder Sensitive Toothpaste

4 OZ

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Fight Decay 5 Ways

Tooth Builder® Toothpaste fights or prevents:

  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Mouth ulcers (canker sores, recurrent aphthous stomatitis)
  • Plaque, tartar, cavities
  • Bad breath (simple halitosis)
  • Gum disease (periodontal disease)
  • Perioral dermatitis
  • Chapped Lips
  • Surface stain

Fights Decay 5 Ways:

  • 36% Xylitol - Profoundly inhibits the growth of bacteria
  • Soluble Calcium - Replaces calcium lost to decay and food acids.
  • Nanosized Calcite - Neutralizes acids, replaces lost calcium, seals exposed dentin
  • Lactoferrin and Propionate - Inhibit plaque bacteria and other pathogens
  • Mild Abrasive - Removes stain and plaque, leaves tooth enamel intact.


Floss. Brush 2 minutes with Tooth Builder 2-3 times daily. If you also need fluoride, brush with Squigle® Enamel Saver once daily. For ages 6 and up.

Ingredients: 36% Natural Xylitol, water, calcite, glycerin, poloxamer, cellulose gum, Methocel, calcium propionate, lactoferrin


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