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Fungal Free Nails

10 mL

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Cures Most Toenail and Nail Fungus

Cure your onychomycosis infection (toenail or fingernail fungus) and proudly wear open-toed shoes again.

Dr. Marc Selner developed this powerful solution to cure toenail fungus because every other topical product fails to penetrate the nail to get to the nail bed where the fungus lives.

Fungal Free Nails has a proven success rate because it penetrates the nail unlike other products on the market.

Start using Fungal Free Nails today and get into your flip-flops!


  • Keep out of reach of children.


One bottle average duration of use: 4 months. File infected nail surfaces with an emery board and remove the residual crumbling edge before applying. Apply one thin coat of Fungal Free Nails to infected nail(s) twice daily. Store under 30C (86F).

Drug Facts:
Active Ingredients: Juglans regia 8x, sepia 8x, mucor mucedo 8x, palmarosa 8x, melaleuca alternofolia, camphor, eucalyptus globulus, anise, cinnemonum, mentha piperata, salvia sclerae, juniperus virginus, mystira fragans, lavandula latifolia, terebinthae oleum, vitis vinifera.
Inactive Ingredients: Simmonsia chinensis, Nujol.


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