Sinus Rejuvenation Oil

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Sinus Rejuvenation Oil

5 mL

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Colds/Allergies, Chronic Congestion

  • Great for chronic sinus conditions
  • Strengthens immune function to fight colds and allergies
  • Strongest blend of essential oil decongestants
  • Formulated by experts at the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy
  • Used over time, this sinus oil can help rejuvenate your sinuses
  • A 5 mL bottle of pure essential oils, no carrier oil
  • Contains Green myrtle, Inula graveolens, Rosemary verbenone, Eucalyptus dives, Peppermint and Spike lavender
  • All BarakaŽ essential oils are bought from small farms and co-ops and are pesticide free


  • Please, do not use oils in a neti pot.

Suggested Use:

  • This bottle has a wider plug allowing for greater flow. Please open carefully and recap immediately to prevent oil loss.
  • Place your pinky finger over the open bottle, turn upside down and apply oil to the base of each nostril. Don't apply too far into the nostril. Inhale deeply. You may sneeze, your nose may run and you may experience a menthol-like feeling all the way into your chest. These are all signs that the oils are at work.
  • Please, do not use oils in a neti pot.
  • For optimal results, apply topically 3-4 times a day and inhale from the bottle frequently. See package for more information.


Organic essential oils of rosemary verbenone, eucalyptus dives, spike lavender, green myrtle, inula, peppermint.


Sinus Rejuvenation Oil by Baraka helps to rejuvenate your sinuses and provides a healthy immune boost. Pure essential oils. Order yours online today.

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