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Local Vendor Month

Posted on by Evergreen Nutrition
Image Local Vendor Month

During the month of August we like to highlight our vendors from Oregon and Washington with sales and product demonstrations. There are over thirty excellent companies from the Northwest that we feature. Take a look at our August Sales to see how much you can save.


Twenty years ago Dr. Cindy Schmillen, a naturopathic doctor in Nampa, Idaho, created BALANCED GREEN ENERGY FOOD for use with her patients because she believes that mineral imbalances are at the heart of many diseases. Much of the food we eat today has diminished nutritional value which forces the body to use up its stored minerals to keep it functioning properly. Balanced Green Energy Food is a blend of eleven raw, organic nutrient-dense superfoods with no fillers, sweeteners, gluten or GMOs. It helps to gently detoxify the body while balancing pH. Each 8 gram serving has only 23 calories but is packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and other phytonutrients plus 3 billion probiotics. In addition, Balanced Green's liquid FULVIC MINERALS, enhances the power of Energy Food since fulvic acid activates nutrients on the cellular level.

Eugene natives Richard and Leah Clough started using Balanced Green Energy Food ten years ago and it literally changed their lives. Then, a year-and-a-half ago, they were given the exclusive rights to bring it to market in order to help others achieve good health and vitality in a natural, nourishing way. For more information go to their website Balanced Green. Balanced Green Energy Food and Fulvic Minerals are on sale in August for 20% OFF.


MEGAFOOD is a leading manufacturer of 100% whole food supplements - real veggies and fruits go into their products. Their best selling product, BLOOD BUILDER, is made with beets grown in the Willamette Valley at STAHLBUSH ISLAND FARM. Stahlbush not only bans the use of GMO seed but is certified sustainable by the Food Alliance. For example, using fruit and vegetable byproducts, they produce twice the electricity required to run the farm: enough power for over a thousand households. For more information on their sustainability practices go to their website where you can also learn about their symbiotic relationship with great blue herons and other wildlife. Blood Builder is on sale for 25% OFF throughout August.


Unique Eugene was started in 1999 when a group of local small-business owners decided to get together to pool marketing resources. They have grown into a community organization committed to treating employees and the environment with respect and contributing to local non-profits and/or performing community service. Take a closer look at and look for their logo at a variety of businesses in town.


"A dollar spent at a locally owned store is usually spent 6 to 15 times before it leaves the community. From $1, you create $5 to $14 in value within that community....Spend $1 at a national chain store, and 80% leaves town immediately."-- Tim Mitchell, Northwest Earth Institute's Choices for Sustainable Living

Evergreen Nutrition carries products from over one dozen vendors from right here in Eugene. We hope that you will decide to "keep your green in Eugene" and support our local vendors as well as vendors throughout the region.

From Evergreen's Archive: August 2014

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