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Image Hyalogic

Pioneer of HA Products

Hyalogic makes hyaluronic acid (HA) supplements and body care products and also works with healthcare professionals to conduct research on the uses of HA.
Image Hyland's

Over a Century of Excellence

In 1903 eight physicians started Hyland's as a compounding pharmacy. Today it is the only American-owned homeopathic company in the United States.
Image Integrative Therapeutics
Integrative Therapeutics

Science-Based Nutrition

Serving healthcare professionals for over 35 years, IT’s education programs and product development are guided by an Advisory Board of healthcare experts.
Image Irwin Naturals
Irwin Naturals

Liquid-Filled Softgels

Irwin Naturals offers a full range of easily absorbed, liquid softgel supplements with BioPerine Complex for enhanced bioavailability and nutrient potency.
Image Isha Lerner Enterprises
Isha Lerner Enterprises

Power of Flowers Healing Flower Essences

Isha’s primary intention is to serve humanity through the lens of the natural world and universal consciousness.
Image Jarrow Formulas
Jarrow Formulas

Superior Nutrition & Formulas

Since 1977 Jarrow has been promoting good health via nutrition. They also fund research studies and actively promote health freedom rights.
Image Jay Robb
Jay Robb

Sharing a Passion for Health

Jay Robb started his company after a life-changing event that expanded his childhood devotion to health and fitness, which is revealed in his products.
Image KAL

Quality: Tradition & Passion

Started in 1932, KAL was one of the first supplement lines. They believe that a quality finished product starts with the finest raw materials.
Image Keys

Feel Good, Look Good

Keys is an innovator in natural, chemical-free skin care with botanicals and other natural ingredients in therapeutic amounts to help resolve skin issues.
Image Klaire Labs
Klaire Labs

Hypoallergenic Focus

Forty years ago Klaire Labs developed some of the first hypoallergenic nutritional supplements making them a respected choice of healthcare professionals.
Image Kyolic/Wakunaga

Quality from Soil to Shelf

For over 40 years Kyolic has been a leader in organic, scientifically tested Aged Garlic Extract created with environmental protection in mind.
Image Lafe's

Purest Ingredients Used

Lafe's provides natural, healthy, safe products made from the purest ingredients and of the highest standards. Our products are natural and organic and free of toxic preservatives, fake fragrances, and anything petroleum.
Image Liddell Homeopathic
Liddell Homeopathic

Homeopathic Innovators

Founded in 1994, Liddell introduced an effective oral spray delivery method for liquid homeopathy and the first homeopathic hormone rebalancing medicines.

Image Life Extension
Life Extension

Live a Healthier, Longer Life

For more than 34 years Life Extension has been the vanguard of medical research for life-saving therapies and science-based supplements.

Image LifeFlo

No Harsh Chemicals

Since 1995 LifeFlo has been a pioneer in natural progesterone creams and cosmeceuticals. They use no parabens and are eco-friendly and cruelty free.
Image LifeTime

Quality You Can Trust

LifeTime offers a superior line of formulas that are continually evolving as new innovations are made, but their commitment to quality is constant.
Image Lumina Health Products
Lumina Health Products

Optimal Natural Wellness

Lumina offers the best natural health products to support optimal health for everyone while striving for respect, cooperation and fairness in all things.
Image MacroLife

A Simple Philosophy:

Blend the purest, non-allergenic ingredients into synergistic formulas to promote health and wellness. They are organic, raw, vegan, gluten and GMO-free.

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