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Image Genesis Today
Genesis Today

Superfoods Specialists

Genesis Today works with indigenous people, respecting their traditions and harvesting techniques to maintain the nutrients in their superfoods.
Image Gentle Pharmacy
Gentle Pharmacy

Lower Dosing Than Creams

ClearPatch lotions are made with micronized USP hormones for full absorption into the skin, which maintains physiological levels with lower doses.
Image Green Pasture
Green Pasture

Unique Oils

Green Pasture is a family owned business started in 2000 with a focus on high-quality oils made as they were before the food and farming industrial revolutions.
Image Health Force Nutritionals
Health Force Nutritionals

Beyond Organic: TruGanic

HealthForce creates extreme quality, raw, vegan and bio-compatible superfoods grown via eco-friendly methods. EcoFresh packaging prevents oxidation.

Image Heather Loraine Cosmetics
Heather Loraine Cosmetics

Toxin-Free Skin Care Oils

Started in 1994 by jojoba farmers Dennis and Adrienne Slavens, Heather Loraine produces pure, top quality, chemical and fragrance-free body oils.
Image Heather's Tummy Care
Heather's Tummy Care

Help for IBS

Heather Van Vorous, an IBS sufferer herself, started this organic medical foods company to educate and to help those with IBS to successfully manage their symptoms.
Image Herb Pharm
Herb Pharm

Seed to Shelf Herbal Excellence

Herb Pharm’s herbs are organically and sustainably grown. Their Oregon farm is a United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary.
Image Herbal Answers
Herbal Answers

Full-Life-Force Aloe Vera

Jeri Heyman, PhD began Herbal Answers in 1995 after researching aloe’s health benefits. They make “live,” raw, whole, Bio-Protected™ Aloe vera products.
Image Herbs, Etc.
Herbs, Etc.

Beneficial Herbal Ingredients

Medical Herbalist Daniel Gagnon began Herbs, Etc. to create effective herbal medicines. Their unique method yields 20-50% more active constituents.
Image Heritage Store
Heritage Store

Eco-Friendly & Cruelty-Free

For over 41 years Heritage has maintained the basic formulas and principles from the readings of Edgar Cayce, the "Father of Holistic Medicine.”
Image Hero Nutritionals
Hero Nutritionals

#1 Selling Kids’ Gummy Multi

Yummi Bears® were born in 1997 when Hero founder Jennifer Hodges made vitamin history by introducing the first gummy multivitamin.
Image Himalaya

Purity, Efficacy, Consistency

Himalaya blends traditional medicine and modern science with clinically validated, fair-trade herbal products that are pure and safe to use.
Image Himalayan Institute
Himalayan Institute

Neti Pots & More

Founded in 1971 by Swami Rama, the Institute has roots in the yoga tradition and offers high quality products to enhance physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.
Image Historical Remedies
Historical Remedies

Safe & Effective Self-Care

Offering a line of innovative, proprietary homeopathic lozenges to support physical healing and emotional wellbeing since 1989.
Image Home Health
Home Health

Where Beauty Begins At Home

Home Health was founded 65 years ago with one goal in mind: "To Research and develop the finest naturally-basedbath and body care products available."

Image Host Defense
Host Defense

Certified Organic Mushrooms

Host Defense mushrooms are sustainably grown in the USA. Their “chain of custody” from forest to farm to finished product assures purity.

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