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Image Ultra Botanicals Labs
Ultra Botanicals Labs

Additive Free

Rick Simpson became interested in natural health as a sickly child. Today his company produces products that contain only active ingredients with nothing else added.
Image Vaxa

Engage the Self-Healing Body

Founded in 1987 on the premise that self-healing depends on The Three Biofactors of Life: free-form amino acids, herbal biopeptides and synergistic agents.
Image Veg Life
Veg Life

100% Vegan

Founded in 1992 to meet the unique nutritional needs of vegetarians and vegans with vitamins, minerals and herbs. The line also includes Peaceful Planet protein shakes.
Image Vega

Powered by Plants

Started by a vegan, top professional Ironman triathlete Brendan Brazier, Vega’s plant-based nutrition empowers health and supports a healthy planet.
Image Vibrant Health
Vibrant Health

Where Science & Nature Meet

Supplemental nutrition that supports human biochemistry with nutritionally valuable food, not isolated nutrients, for optimum health.

Image Vita-Myr

Inspired by Nature

In 1995 Yvonne and Robert Takhtalian began researching natural oral health remedies to help save Robert’s teeth. They succeeded and Vita-Myr was born.

Image Vita5 Nutrition
Vita5 Nutrition

The Makers of B-Total

Vita5 Nutrition has been making liquid supplements for years with over 100 formulas. They are considered to be a leader in liquid nutritional technology.
Image Vital Nutrients
Vital Nutrients

Unmatched Quality Standards

They are a leader of quality assurance in manufacturing pharmaceutical grade and professional strength supplements for healthcare practitioners.
Image Vital-Earth Minerals
Vital-Earth Minerals

Life-Changing Results

Owner Jody Ahrens reversed an “incurable” disease with Vital Earth supplements and lifestyle changes. She hopes you experience outstanding results too.
Image Vitanica

Advancing Women's Health

All products are based on research or clinical experience conducted by respected authority on natural women’s healthcare, Dr. Tori Hudson, in her practice.
Image Whole World Botanicals
Whole World Botanicals

Andes to Amazon

Founded by an anthropologist, a midwife and a botanist to bring medicinal herbs to market and to return a percentage of profit to the native people who produce them.
Image Xlear

Xlear: Simply Say “Clear”

As a recognized leader of xylitol-based products, they have been providing consumers with health-enhancing natural sweeteners since 2000.
Image Y.S. Organic Bee Farms
Y.S. Organic Bee Farms

Certified Organic Since 1995

Four generations of hands-on beekeepers have created the most reputable and long-standing national distributor of certified organic honey.
Image Yerba Prima
Yerba Prima

Internal Cleansing Innovators

Founded in 1980 by health-conscious people exploring the benefits of whole body internal cleansing.

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