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Introducing New Products (And Savings) For The New Year

Posted by Evergreen Nutrition
Image Introducing New Products (And Savings) For The New Year
We would like to introduce you to some of our new products, but you are probably already familiar with at least one of them. TERRA FIRMA BOTANICALS, from right here in Eugene, was started in 1982 by River Kennedy (perhaps you have seen her at the Saturday Market) and is now a thriving, well-respected maker of botanical remedies. Using certified organic (Oregon Tilth) or ethically wildcrafted plants and other clean and green raw materials, Terra Firma creates a variety of remedies and body care products that are good for you and our planet. We are currently stocking eight of their herbal formulas. CANDIDA & FUNGUS AWAY is useful for any fungal infection and may be taken internally or used as an external wash or douche. ECHINACEA/GOLDENSEAL PLUS is an infection-fighting formula with ginger and cayenne that helps to break up congestion. LIVER SUPPORT not only supports hepatic function but is also anti-inflammatory. NERVE TONIC #2, a soothing tonic for the central nervous system, is relaxing, antispasmodic and useful for shingles, neuropathy and neuralgia. ROOT IT OUT WITH OSHA is the remedy for coughs, respiratory congestion and bronchitis. SUPER IMMUNE is an adaptogenic blend to strengthen and support immune function. ULTRA ECHINACEA and ECHINACEA/GOLDENSEAL are must-have remedies for colds, flu, sore throat, viral and bacterial infections. VALERIAN/SKULLCAP is an excellent combination to fight insomnia, but it is also an excellent muscle relaxant that can even help with menstrual cramps.

A little further north in Olympia, Washington, is Paul Stamets’ fine company, FUNGI PERFECTI, which produces the HOST DEFENSE line of mycomedicinals. Mr. Stamets is a renowned mycologist (mushroom expert) and author who donates proceeds from his company to help mushrooms and their old growth forest habitat. Fungi Perfecti, a family-owned, environmentally conscious business since 1980, offers a variety of immune-supporting mushroom supplements of which we currently carry seven single-species remedies: REISHI, CORDYCEPS, AGARIKON, TURKEY TAIL, LION'S MANE, MAITAKE and CHAGA. We also stock two blends: STAMETS 7 (a general tonic formula) and MYCOMMUNITY, Mr. Stamets’ well-known blend of 17 mushroom species and his strongest immune support formula.

From Evergreen's Archive: January 2010

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