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Flu Fighters

Posted on by Evergreen Nutrition
Image Flu Fighters

At Evergreen Nutrition we want you to stay healthy all winter long, so here are some tips to help you be a flu fighter.


Optimal nutrition is very important. Antioxidant nutrients like SELENIUM and VITAMINS A, C and E can prevent the virus from replicating and mutating, increasing resistance and accelerating recovery time. For most of us at this latitude VITAMIN D supplementation is necessary. This hormone (yup, it’s not really a vitamin) offers many benefits including immune support. FISH OIL and PROBIOTICS also offer a wide array of health benefits beyond the immune system. And those suffering from IRON deficiency are more likely to catch the flu.


There are many herbs that inhibit flu viruses, decrease the severity of symptoms, and/or reduce the duration of the illness. Here are a few: ALOE VERA, AMERICAN GINSENG, GARLIC, LEMON BALM, OLIVE LEAF, and medicinal mushrooms like REISHI. There are a variety of ESSENTIAL OILS that can be diffused into the air or used in a steam inhalation or bath. See our November 2012 newsletter or stop by the store for more information. Try ASTRAGALUS to strengthen immunity but go for ECHINACEA if you do get sick. Goldenseal has been over harvested, so our native OREGON GRAPE, which also contains berberine, is a better alternative. Berries are a tasty way to nourish and protect yourself from the flu. CRANBERRY and especially ELDERBERRY can prevent viral replication. Elderberry syrups are ideal for children because they taste so good kids will enjoy taking it.

Studies show that UMCKA (Pelargonium sidoides) influences immune response in the upper airway mucosa and interferes with viral replication. It is effective for treating flu, cold, acute sore throat and bronchitis. In Germany, Umcka extract is an “approved drug” for acute bronchitis. It is even safe for children.

Please don’t forget these common sense precautions: WASH YOUR HANDS often, get enough SLEEP and drink plenty of WATER. We wish you good health this winter and all year long.


  • DHEA

Salt lamps produce NEGATIVE IONS which, because of their effect on the immune system, decrease incidence of flu infection.

From Evergreen's Archive February 2013

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