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Amazing Curcumin

Tue, Jan 05 2016 1:46 pm Blog   Botanicals    Comments
Image Amazing Curcumin

Curcumin, a component of turmeric (Curcuma longa), has an amazing array of health benefits


Ayurvedic Herbs: Himalaya & Savesta

Wed, May 25 2016 4:26 pm Blog   Botanicals    Comments
Image Ayurvedic Herbs: Himalaya & Savesta

The Ayurvedic herbal tradition, with its base in the Indian subcontinent, has become popular worldwide, and many of the classic herbs in Ayurveda are now available and well-known in this country. Evergreen Nutrition is pleased to carry two of the finest Ayurvedic herbal companies in the world, Savesta and Himalaya.


Be Healthy, Look Younger, Have Better Sex!

Tue, Jan 05 2016 1:47 pm Blog   Botanicals    Comments
Image Be Healthy, Look Younger, Have Better Sex!

Resveratrol has anti-aging and life extension properties due to activation of the longevity gene, SIRT1. 


Got Pain? Get Curcumin!

Wed, Jan 06 2016 12:48 pm Blog   Botanicals    Comments
Image Got Pain? Get Curcumin!

 CURCUMIN is one of the curcuminoids found in turmeric, but if you are looking for therapeutic action, it is best to use supplemental turmeric which has been standardized for 95% curcuminoids.


Green Coffee Bean: Weight Loss & Longevity

Wed, Jan 06 2016 12:50 pm Blog   Botanicals    Comments
Image Green Coffee Bean: Weight Loss & Longevity

Green coffee bean decreases the metabolic processes that lead to obesity due to its high concentration of chlorogenic acid and polyphenols which are lost when the beans are roasted.


Maca: Superfood Superstar, Part I

Wed, Jan 06 2016 1:43 pm Blog   Botanicals    Comments
Image Maca: Superfood Superstar, Part I

Maca's effects on stress, libido and fertility, and hormone balance are the most well-known properties and we will explore each of these areas.


Medicinal Mushrooms: Cordyceps & Maitake

Wed, Jan 06 2016 1:45 pm Blog   Botanicals    Comments
Image Medicinal Mushrooms: Cordyceps & Maitake

Evergreen Nutrition offers a variety of medicinal mushrooms including several organically grown in Washington by Fungi Perfecti/Host Defense.


Mushrooms For Immunity

Wed, Jan 06 2016 1:52 pm Blog   Botanicals    Comments
Image Mushrooms For Immunity

The medicinal mushrooms all share the common feature of cell wall polysaccharides—particularly the beta-glucans. These compounds act as "awakeners" of the immune system, activating macrophages and natural killer cells, thereby improving immune function.


Sleep & Stress Help

Wed, Jan 06 2016 2:37 pm Blog   Botanicals    Comments
Image Sleep & Stress Help

Herb Pharm, from Williams, Oregon, has several liquid extracts that can help with relaxation and sleep.


Three New Product Lines

Wed, Jan 06 2016 2:44 pm Blog   Botanicals   Personal Care    Comments
Image Three New Product Lines

At Evergreen Nutrition we will help you stay hydrated from the inside and the outside. We want you to look good, feel good and be well!


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